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  1. Thank you both! I've updated the Padres set with asymmetrical stripes.
  2. Hey everyone, Now that I'm just about finished up with every team, I'm excited to announce the start of my MLB Redesign Series! Where as in my last series I constrained myself to just trying to fix each team's individual needs as I saw fit, in this series I'm allowing myself to go broad for the sake of making the entire league look better as a whole. Some major goals I had in the making of this series were: To allow each team to have its own unique color scheme; to diversify the overall color palette of the Majors from the overly common red and blue. To give teams more fresh and modern looks based on team history and namesake. To minimize the use of gray road uniforms as much as possible, allowing for more intriguing and colorful matchups. To give each team its own unique sock pattern that can be easily distinguishable from the rest of the league. To expand the league an extra 6 teams (1 in each division) based on the strongest Minor League identities, as well as past Major League history. To utilize traditional looks from team history when they work, but to also not be afraid to forsake tradition when necessary. Here are all the different color schemes I'll be using over the course of the series, with each team revealed on the day it is posted: I'm going to be posting every other day, in order to allow more room for criticisms and updates. I'll be starting off tomorrow with the Arizona Diamondbacks!
  3. The Padres look really nice! I love the navy & copper scheme, and its implementation. I prefer the non-pinstriped options myself, other than the home. They look cleaner to me. And, wow! The Diamondbacks are crazy! I find myself liking how the scheme looks, as well as the pattern. My only concern with that would be how visible it is from long distances, since it's so intricately detailed. Great work with these two teams!
  4. I think you've done it. You found, in my eyes at least, the perfect option for the Mets on the road with that script. I love it. As for the black and pink set, once again, I like it way more than I should. I actually like the "windowpane" look so much that I'd like to see a team (if done right) maybe adopt it real life. It's refreshingly unique, yet stays within baseball's aesthetic standards, at least those from a hundred years ago. The thinking behind the 5 sock stripes is also a nice touch. Wonderful work once again!
  5. Thank you both! I really appreciate it. Also, small side-note on the Rockies, I changed the NOBs back to the regular look since the spiky font didn't really fit anymore. Hopefully it looks a little better. Anyone else on the updates to the NL West?
  6. The Mets look really nice, there's not much to fix with an already good looking team to be honest. I will say though that I like the Mets' current, taller NY more, it just seems more modern to me. As for what to do with the road script, I agree with @the admiral about the '87 script being my favorite for the Mets, though the N does look a little out of place. Here's an idea that I just had, maybe try making an "N" from the "M" of the Mets wordmark and then keeping the rest of the '87 script? That way the away would match the "tallness" of the home that the 93-94 script kind of lacks. I'm really curious to see your interpretation of the black & pink Mets!
  7. Alright, starting the final updates today with the NL West! National League West Arizona Diamondbacks -I updated the sock pattern to be more defined. Colorado Rockies -Pretty much a complete overhaul here, as I honestly did not like the way my last set turned out at all. I went back to the real logos, but adjusted the light blue and added green to diversify the color palette. I also created a new sock & sleeve stripe design that imitates a mountain rising over the Colorado landscape and into the sky. Thanks for the help on this one to @Paul Lucas, @SFGiants58, and @coco1997. Las Vegas Aces -I decided to keep the half-&-half alternate, because why not. Los Angeles Dodgers -I updated the belt loops on the away & alternate to be more like the real thing. San Diego Padres -San Diego gets some updated asymmetrical stripes to match the wordmarks, as suggested by @SFGiants58. San Francisco Giants -No changes for San Francisco. So to recap, Arizona gets a new sock design, the Rockies get a redo, Vegas keeps its alternate, LA gets some new belt loops, the Padres update their stripes, and the Giants stay the same. Let me know what you think now that you can see them all together!
  8. I've personally never liked the NHL identity for the baseball Rockies, as it always tends to look quite a bit like the Cubs in some form. The stripes do look pretty cool though. If you're set on keeping that scheme, I'd probably put a yellow outline between the blue and the red on the numbers of the white jersey. The Dodgers look really nice. I like how each set has its own sort of unique striping, but it all works together. The only suggestion I could possibly make is to try and keep the red front number on the blue jersey. Great work so far, looking forward to seeing the last few teams!
  9. This isn't quite my favorite of the alternate takes so far, but all of your reasonings behind your design make sense. I guess I just prefer the blue-dominant look of the Expos, but this is still a cool & unique idea that understandably adds a bit more red to the look. Looking forward to the Mets!
  10. Thank you so much! I could try a navy bill (or maybe even a copper) but something appeals to me about the all-white. Thank you! I appreciate it. Haha yea, hopefully this wouldn't come out quite as gold-looking. Thank you though! Ah yea, those make sense. I still tend to prefer "Senators" though. Thanks, I appreciate it! Thank you! I was thinking about adding outlines to the stripes, since it looks so good in your set. I'll add that in the final update, as it does look kind of plain as-is. Now, it's outtakes time! I'm gonna start with some of the expansion teams that hit the cutting room floor at one point or another: Expansion Teams -The Oklahoma City Bison -The Louisville Bats -The Charlotte Knights -and the San Antonio Missions As you probably are able to tell, some identities made it further into the process than others, but all were at least considered at one point. Most of these were made to occupy either the AL Central or East. Now, just some other bits and pieces from around the league, going in alphabetical order: Logos, Uniforms, and Color Schemes -A Friday Alt set for the Rockies that incorporates more light blue, as well as a purple and green scheme. Be on the lookout for something like that come the final updates. -A Tigers road set that uses orange accents, much like the Durham Bulls, and Old English numbers. This is also a peek at the new template that will be used. -A bunch of different options for Las Vegas, including a "Las Vegas" script for the away and an "LV" monogram. Here are the different uniforms that included those options. Also, some wordmark colorings. -A lot of different color scheme options for the Angels, one of which will be somewhat close to what you'll see in the final update. And a set (inspired by @SFGiants58's alternate Rays take but transformed to resemble rays of a halo) that admittedly leans too much into the yellow. -Some color options for Nashville as alternatives to orange & light blue. Top right was eventually chosen. -A maroon & mint Portland set. -And lastly, the original royal & copper @Lights Out set and a red & navy set I was deciding between for the Senators. The other outtakes you all have mainly seen already, namely the Cardinals, Mariners, Rays, and Pioneers. This is kind of fun to show you some of my scrapped ideas, I should be starting the final updates sometime this weekend, going by division. I'm gonna give myself a bit more time between each post, I'll post when I'm free. Thanks for following!
  11. This is my favorite modernization of the Expos I've seen. Everything flows together very nicely, and I don't find myself at all missing the "eMb" logo. Every uniform combo would be an amazing look. While I really like the "M" logo (I agree that it has a more timeless feel) one thing that bothers me are the two little bumps made by the fleur-de-lis on the lower middle. I think if that were made just a little bit smaller, the "M" behind it could flow a little better. This is one of my favorites in the series to date, looking forward to Part II!
  12. Thanks to you both! I think their current real-life set is pretty perfect as-is, but as has been a theme in this series I wanted to try something different this time around. I decided to go ahead and post Washington a little early, since I have some free time. Here they are! Logos -I'm gonna be honest, I'm not too big of a fan of the name "Nationals." (Out of curiosity, what is a national? Is it just a synonym for a nationalist?) I decided to go back to the name "Senators" because I felt it at least brought some character to the set. -The primary logo is the Nat's current roundel, with the name change to reflect, and an added star on each side, reflecting the U.S. Senate seal. -And now, to talk about the color scheme. I was originally planning to give the Senators red & navy, but after much consideration I decided to give that scheme to the Cardinals. I'd also remembered a color scheme that I'd tried early on that incorporated @Lights Out's wonderful Nationals set, which used colors inspired by the presidential seal. In the end, instead of going straight-up with that scheme I decided to combine the royal and black to make a set that was navy and copper. I thought it was a cool scheme to try out, and few better teams to try it on than in the nation's capital. -The away scripts stay the same (they actually match the "Senators" wordmark remarkably well) and I decided to keep the curly W since it has history with the Senators. I updated the tail under the "Washington" scripts to match the "Senators" one. -The away takes on the dark gray/copper-ish color that was seen on the original Nationals' away. I liked how it looked against the predominant navy. Uniforms -Although I had not seen his set before in my time making this, I unknowingly took some cues from @SFGiants58's Nationals set (and Lights Out's as well) by incorporating the D.C. flag on the sleeves of the jersey, along with the socks. -I brought back the Senators' style piping on the cap, I thought it was a unique look and fit in pretty well overall. -Possibly unpopular opinion, but I like the Nationals' current number font. It's unique. So I decided to keep it. -The copper alternate is most commonly paired with a white hat, but that hat could be paired with the other jerseys as well (except probably the away.) I think it'd look particularly good with the navy jersey at home. And well, that's it! As was recommended earlier on, I'll be posting some final updates for each team by division, complete with an updated template thanks to @Victormrey. That way it might be easier for people who haven't been following along to catch up and to be able to see them all in one place. That rollout will start after I post some outtakes from the creating process. Big thank you to anyone who has followed along, commented, or given any advice, it's all greatly appreciated!
  13. Wow, just... wow. I love everything about it. The black alternate stands out as one of my favorite aspects. The pink pinstripes work surprisingly wonderfully, and the color scheme with the gold & teal accents is absolutely phenomenal. Although all of the reasons you decided on that color scheme make perfect sense (and I wouldn't change them), I'd still like to see a version kind of like the Snakes that replaces the black with dark teal, just to see what it looks like. The only things I could say are that I agree with @coco1997 about the pink socks, and that I think you should add a black keyline around the iterations of the flamingo. It just looks sort of "empty" without it. Fantastic job!
  14. Thanks, I've now updated the orange jerseys with more readable names. And here are the Blue Jays! Logos -As you might be able to tell already, this set is greatly inspired by @kevinmets' take on the Jays, so credit goes to him. I decided to go with the Carolina Panthers shade of blue paired with black, as I wanted something that could reflect a blue jay's bright, colorful feathers. -Since in this hypothetical the Blue Jays are no longer Canada's only team, I removed the traces of the maple leave form the identity and allowed them to just embrace the blue and black. -I gave the Jays a graphite away jersey, much like their once considered prototype, because I felt it meshed well with the bright blue. Uniforms -The Jays uniforms stay relatively the same, as they have truly developed a modern classic. I put the white panel cap back as the main home cap, because it seems to really fit with this identity. The all blue cap can still be worn on occasion at home, but the white-panel is the main option. -The blue alternate is possibly my favorite of the set, I could imagine it being worn a lot on the road with the blue cap. -The black alternate, though it wouldn't be worn often, I thought was a cool diversion from the norm every once in a while. That's 35 down, and 1 to go! Let me know what you think about the Jays!
  15. I think it looks much better. It looks more realistic, while still feeling much more art-deco. Some of the lines in the fins even seem to mesh well with the lights on the side now. Great job!
  16. I believe the trim is cream, it's just hard to tell when it's surrounded by dark colors. Anyone else on the Rangers? Barring any objections, Toronto should be tomorrow!
  17. I'd like to keep the vests otherwise, and have it be a set like the Pirates. It just fits, to me at least. Here's the whole set with the belt loop tried out, though I'd like to do either that or the logo, not both. Credit to @Carolingian Steamroller for the belt loop from his Tigers set.
  18. The Marlins look pretty good! The color scheme is still an inspired move. I actually like the "toothpaste" marlin better than the "SB Nation" one, as that's what I thought it looked like when I first saw it. I would personally either go back to the toothpaste version (I just think it fits the art-deco better) or maybe a more modernized version of the old marlin. Still though, I think this set would be a great look for Miami.
  19. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    I think the perfect Suns set would be a combination of the last two sets. I liked the sun streaks in the wordmark and below it on the last set (not the beveling of the new set) but I like the striping and the lack of black in this set. Since I prioritize the use of orange & purple over the design elements, I'd say this is a slight upgrade.
  20. Yea you're probably right, they honestly already do sort of have that muddled appearance from a distance. It was an interesting idea for me to try out, but it was probably something that's sort of contrived and will be left off come the final update. Thank you both for the advice! You seem to have very similar sentiments as far as what to do with the Rangers. One of the first things I did (since I agree with the pointlessness of same colored vests/undershirts) was make the orange jersey sleeved, since I'd like to keep that as the unquestionable primary color (you'll see why in the final update.) This was the same reason I decided to wait before adding more green. I think white or khaki vests would look good, but I imagine the white at least would be illegal (since no white undershirts are allowed for pitchers.) I think I'd like to keep the solid-colored striping for now, since it makes the hat look less out of place. Both of you agreed on both the hat and the sash combo being too much, so I decided one should go. I also preferred keeping the cap due to the history, and it was also the first thing I started with in making this. To make the belt unique though, I was thinking I could maybe do something in the vain of a belt loop like either the Braves or the Tigers? Both would offer something unique to most of the league but likely too subtle for most people to notice. Adding a logo to the pants is also an option, I just don't know what logo I would add. Thank you both again for the suggestions, does anyone else have any opinions as well? This should be a fun one to keep revising.
  21. MLB Changes 2017

    I'm actually really not a fan of those, they come off as too thick to me. Maybe it's because I'm used to the normal block, but those appear as blue with a blue outline in my mind.
  22. Thank you so much! I'm really interested to see how this goes... as Texas goes full-on with the ranger theme. Here they are! Logos -Yes I know, this is a bold, unprecedented color scheme for the Rangers, but it was hard not to notice it everywhere I looked when researching the Texas Ranger Division of which the ballclub gets its namesake. The only real uniform requirements of this law enforcement division are clothes that are "western in nature," so I tried to embrace that in the identity. The color scheme, Texas Longhorn orange and forest green, feels very western/autumnal, and reminds me of the 2011 World Series logo. -The primary stays as the same badge logo besides the recolor. In a last second move, I removed the drop shadow from the cap logos, thanks in large part to @SFGiants58's outstanding set, and it's something that I think really improves this look. -The home becomes an off-white and the away retains the dust/sandy color of my tweaks series, and now those two colors are used as accents throughout the rest of the set. Uniforms -The main description of a typical Texas Ranger uniform is that it normally consists of a "white shirt and tie, khaki/tan or gray trousers, light-colored western hat, "ranger" belt, and cowboy boots." I tried to fit as many of those elements as I could into the baseball team's regular uniform. -One of the first elements I put in was the thick line around the base of the crown, which is seen on practically every cowboy/ranger hat imaginable. I then transferred that solid single stripe idea throughout the rest of the set, to create a cohesive look. -I decided to make the entire Rangers set a sleeveless look, as it's an element that I thought fit well and allowed for orange to be embraced more as the primary color. The large orange sash along the belt loop is meant to evoke the "ranger" belts that are quite noticeable. -The sock pattern is based off of a common cowboy boot, and it also evokes the Texas flag in its design. I decided to keep the badge that says "Rangers" on all the jerseys, so that having "Texas" as the main wordmark makes a little more sense. -I also decided to go to a single color NOB for better readability. -I added off-white and dust/sand caps as well, to imitate the commonly lighter colors of typical ranger hats. I know this is a really unique and possibly questionable look, but it's something I tried to get creative with and incorporate some ranger themes into the identity. I'm curious to hear what you all think!
  23. Anyone else on the Rays before I post the Rangers?
  24. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Here's a version that keeps the dark green wordmarks, which might calm it down a bit.
  25. I really like that! It definitely feels more readable.