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  1. just throwing my opinion in the ring. Dolphin logo is a huge upgrade over every logo they have had. and I prefer the first option.
  2. Very nice! I'd love to see that logo adopted.
  3. The New XFL

    Loving the presentation. And the Kodiaks logo is pretty great. Great work! keep it coming! edit: I'd love to see the tree element of the wordmark/logo incorporated into the uniform? Maybe in the helmet stripes?
  4. Funniest Sports Logos

    Theres a HS in IL with their mascot being the Pretzels.
  5. Player-Team-Uniform Similarities

    Similarily, Jay Cutler went from Denver (Navy and Orange) to Bears (Navy and Orange)...and I guess the Dolphins are Blue and Orange, granted its aqua blue but still
  6. I was going to almost write word for word what the 2 above comments say. 1. Love it. 2. Some edges could round out on the muzzle. 3. Nose perspective
  7. I actually love the Dallas logo. I wish it were real to be honest. Simple and full of character. Pittsburgh is also pretty good/interesting. Could you provide a link to the Davidson bulldog logo you are referencing? Edit- 9ers was posted while I was typing. Woah that is interesting. I love it. Not sure if I love it on a helmet or for a football logo but its a great great graphic.
  8. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    Another former Cyclone here. I'm with you. They need to keep gold involved.
  9. MLB Flag logos

    It's a few years old now, but wanted to post some logos and images I did for the MLB. Shipment got messed up and so only a few players ended up receiving the items. Also, I guess there was some confusion about what the MLB allows so the sleeves weren't used. Completely credit this board for getting me into sports design back in HS like 10 years ago!
  10. Travis Kelce's work gloves

    normally when you see full color gloves, they are Cutters. I used to do design work for them a bit
  11. Stolen Work

    @hettinger_rl damn that is crappy. Ripped of you and Fraser. Wish people respected art like they do other businesses.