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  1. seasaltvanilla

    Notification Alert: NHL Unveils 2019 All-Star Game Logo

    Wow this is really bad. I like the fins in the As. That's it.
  2. seasaltvanilla

    NFL REDESIGN (Dolphins 9/20)

    Seahawks look great. I prefer the green version but think the teal would make a great third set.
  3. seasaltvanilla

    Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Alternate Uniform

    Navy numbers would be far less legible than white numbers, even with the white outline. They made the right choice. It's simplistic yes but the beautiful script and aviator blue make it a good look in my book. A pinch of red would be gravy on top.
  4. seasaltvanilla

    Orioles will be the first pro team to wear Braille jerseys

    The umps are going to be in for a fun night.
  5. seasaltvanilla

    NFL 2018 changes

    Vikings Facebook page just updated their banner with this. Unclear how far the "throwback" theme will extend.
  6. seasaltvanilla

    NFL REDESIGN (Dolphins 9/20)

    I love everything about the logos, wordmark, and uniforms you've created for the Rams. That is just fantastic work.
  7. seasaltvanilla

    Major League Hockey: Baseball Crossover (MIA Added!)

    Something about the white numbers with orange stroke looks weird to me: maybe make them orange numbers with white stroke?
  8. Nationals are much better than what they actually went with.
  9. seasaltvanilla

    NFL REDESIGN (Dolphins 9/20)

    Um the striping on the purple pants does not match the white pants.
  10. seasaltvanilla

    New Library Of Congress logo / branding

    Might as well make it #LIBRARYLibrary of Congress#CONGRESS because then you'd have double the redundancy and eliminate the subtlety of not having the obviously intended hashtags. Because the Library of Congress needs a social media presence.
  11. seasaltvanilla

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

  12. seasaltvanilla

    Austin FC

    All due respect to him it's a bland, generic logo without any character. You could swap the Eagan and Austin names around and it makes zero difference to either brand.
  13. seasaltvanilla

    Austin FC

    What is it with generic tree logos nowadays? My old home town did the same thing.