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  1. I think the Habs are too conservative with their brand. Obviously the home and roads should never change but I would much prefer seeing something new for an alternate over an Adidas version of the white throwback. The Winter Classic jersey used a lighter blue (almost electric) and it was a perfect example of how you can break new ground while still honoring the rich tradition of the team. I'd like to see a red alternate with that lighter blue and enough subtle changes to striping to set it apart from the untouchable home.
  2. Downgrade. Seems like they're just following the trend of oversimplification. Exactly. It doesn't really look like a car emblem anymore.
  3. Beautiful uniform, just didn't fit the Canucks.
  4. You could say the same thing about lots of other colours though. Teal, Green and Gold spring immediately to mind.
  5. Two things about the Kings identity that bother me more than anything mentioned: 1. They didn't match the striping of the home and roads, even after the switch to Adidas. Even the arm-stripe-width is different on each jersey. Why? 2. They never created a reverse version of their logo. This would be a better solution to the contrast issue (on the black jerseys) than adding the unnecessary outlines they did recently. The properly contrasting logo and full hem-stripe make the road jerseys look so much better than their counterparts. It's a shame they didn't win one of their cups in them.
  6. That Steven Grant concept is beautiful. It's such a travesty that the Senators cling to their RBK design when they have all the elements in place for a top-10 look.
  7. The Sedin banners look great. I'm happy they included the arched script on the Orca to be as specific to the era as possible. I also like how they used the Agency font across the four eras to create an aesthetic through-line.
  8. I think the Jets Midnight Blue jersey is the best of the three. The base colour itself might not be inspiring but it does a great job of making the logo, striping and numbers stand out. It also looks cleaner than the road since it doesn't have sleeve stripes and a yoke. The only real issue is the complete lack of aviator blue on the roundel.
  9. The Jets have a modern classic on their hands, all three jerseys are great in different ways. Zero change necessary.
  10. Those would be a monumental improvement. I don't know why more host teams don't base their all-star jerseys on their own identities... Minnesota produced arguably one of the best designs in 2004.
  11. That Kings set is amazing, particularly the home and roads. Perfect compromise between the Gretzky years and the championship look. The number font and more classically configured stripes are a monumental improvement.
  12. That logo's extremely clever. The use of negative space reminds me of the Hartford Whalers.
  13. It's also hard finding decent hats and the Green and Blue scheme. They always seem to mess up the design by having the Orca two small or not having green and blue separated by white.
  14. I don't agree with his stance on this subject but he was clearly talking about the colour of uniforms.
  15. So now uniform opinions are an indicator of racism? Please tell me this was a self-aware bit lampooning the current state of outrage culture.