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  1. But not before stepping in it on the way out of the room. It's the Oakland way of late.
  2. At the very least they could have had the American League teams wear their road uniforms. Weird to me to see both leagues in their home sets.
  3. When they want them to be.
  4. Nike's made MLB caps (not on-field's) for years just like '47 brand does...
  5. I was talking with a couple of friends about this at lunch. I said pretty much exactly what was written in this article without having seen it until just now. While I'm not certain about a criminal prosecution, I think a fat civil suit is the direction this matter will go.
  6. Nike's used that "G" on at least caps for the last decade plus maybe even since Pac Bell/SBC/Oracle whatever they're calling it these days opened 21 years ago. Suffice it to say I've for sure seen this "G" on Nike caps long before this leak.
  7. I have the Rotowear Bobby Bonilla Day t-shirt and got one for my dad too. We both respect the shrewdness of the agent in that instance and TBH IMHO this was a better deal for the player too so that he had a consistent income stream in retirement. Oh and the Wilpons can go to hell forever.
  8. Well that is what they used back in 98 so it'd be appropriate. They went with "Mets In Black" to coincide with the movie.
  9. I was going to say that outside of being garbage the biggest crime of the ASG jersey is that it's $400. Now that I see it's being worn in the game that takes it to a new level of bad. The one thing I always loved going way back to my childhood in the stone age was being able to see all the uniforms during player introductions at the ASG. Since that's now going away I have zero reason to watch unless I want to watch pitchers get strip searched on live tv. So thank you Rob Manfred for continuing to take the joy out of baseball.
  10. It is even in Queens too. I've always seen more Yankee gear being worn all over the tri-state area than Mets to the tune of 10:1. The only time I've seen a lot of Mets caps/gear is at games either at Shea Stadium or Citi Field.
  11. I need to have more faith in my team. For the first time since I was in elementary school The New York Saints...err Islanders have made the Final Four two seasons in a row. Last season was special because it was the first time in 27 years that they made the Conference Finals, this season's just that much more special. It's great to be back! We've gone from being a laughing stock defending a decrepit old building to a respected organization defending the Historic Nassau Coliseum! Win one more for the old barn! The Drive For Five Is Alive! LGI!!!
  12. Who then promptly put up a 10 spot on the Mets today. Break up the Orioles.
  13. So what was this about Tavares wanting to go to Toronto to play for a winner?
  14. Most of the "experts" predicted the Isles/Pens series to go 7 so I guess it falls into that category of what everyone expected to happen too.
  15. I wouldn't be concerned about the Raiders in Las Vegas at all. Ever been on The Strip on a football Sunday? Nearly everyone walking around is wearing some sort of NFL gear. The NFL is more conducive to tourism than any of the other major sports and fanbases tend to travel well. Eight to nine home games a year means that the games are more of an event or tourist attraction, and the nature of Las Vegas being what it is this is the only time it can honestly be said that a team can thrive without huge local support. Further, the large group of Raider fans still living in the Los Angeles area, and traveled well to Oakland will probably travel to Las Vegas in a similar or greater fashion. All of this is before we even start talking about locals. The flashy new stadium walking distance from The Strip also doesn't hurt.
  16. No, supposedly it can't at least not capacity wise. Also doesn't overcome any of the other issues with the market to make Sacramento viable for MLB.
  17. San Jose has the largest population of the Bay Area cities and is now the third largest city in the state, San Francisco is second and Oakland is a a distant third. San Jose is kind of drab and the downtown isn't impressive, probably because of the airport approach path right over it but there's a lot of money there that came in from Silicon Valley. San Francisco is and always will be iconic, San Jose is second now, and nowadays all Oakland seems to be is a crime ridden cesspool.
  18. No corporate base to draw from, no stadium site, no political will to build a stadium suitable for an MLB team, and murderous summer temperatures just to name a few reason why not.
  19. That logo's about as bad as the team that'll play in them.
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