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  1. I’ve cracked the code: monkeypower is secretly Dan Quinn!
  2. For each and every action (Tampa Bay’s positive one), there is an equal but opposite reaction (Atlanta’s negative one). Thanks for proving the theory correct, once again, Falcons!
  3. Even the Terminator logo looks better on the darker red and smaller flag!
  4. The “old” red is so much better than the last set. HUGE upgrade bringing it back!
  5. Is it just me or has the red reverted back to the “old” red? And that pewter set looks awful, sorry.
  6. I'll walk back my comments about white swords. Yea, I'm back on board with the old logo, save for there being too many black slashes on the flag.
  7. I literally really only paid attention to that side-by-side comparison today when I posted the two images. Now I'd like to revisit the idea of changing the swords to bones. THEN we can get rid of silver!
  8. I’d also probably eliminate a few of the black marks on the flag on the original version. They went overboard on that too.
  9. Old red, way better. Old skull and swords, way better. Old beat-up flag, way better. Old silver-less border, way better. New football, way better. EDIT: That being said, I now cannot unsee that the actual sword in the top logo is silver while the swords on the flag itself are white.
  10. Black would make more sense, would it not? I still contend that the previous logo looked so much better than the current one.
  11. That’s a step in the right direction. A second step would be to eliminate the ridiculous silver outline around the whole logo.
  12. You spelled “either one” wrong. Sorry, both of those are awful.
  13. Hey, it’s 1990’s MLB “Turn Ahead the Clock” meets the NHL!
  14. While not perfect, I’ll take option #3 any day of the week over what we have been forced to watch for the past few years. To be honest, I think even the Super Bowl era set could use more orange, but that’s just me. Both option #1 and #3 make the middle option look plain silly. Like someone should be fired just for trotting that out as a mock-up.
  15. “Captain Hook ‘em Buccaneers!” (I know where the door is already, thanks).
  16. Today: “THEY’RE GONNA LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE THE FALCONS!” Two weeks from now: Falcons release new black helmet, black jerseys, white jerseys, and black pants and remove all red from their color palette. Everyone here:
  17. And compared to what it’s replacing, it’s an effin’ Picasso of a uniform.
  18. If that is the uniform, I’ll take it as a win.
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