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  1. I like the bolder orange now...hated it the last 5 years.
  2. That brown set is garbage. Never understood the love for that color rush uniform.
  3. Exhibit A. Color rush still sucks. White pants for the Colts, please. Exhibit B. Gosh those Dolphins’ old uniforms are pure trash.
  4. Welp, I’m not a fan of the orange BROWNS below the neckline or the orange 216 below the number- change those two items to brown and you’ve got a 4 alarm fire emoji though! Overall, I still like them better than the Falcons’ hot mess.
  5. The side stripe on the gradient red to black jersey is the dumbest idea I have seen since the Jaguars’ gold ‘n black helmet.
  6. The pirate ship on the shoulder looks absolutely fantastic.
  7. This image makes the new helmet acceptable. The falcon isn’t ridiculously large and the silver face mask draws attention to the falcon outline on the helmet and shoulder. Once you scroll farther down the uniform though, the nightmare begins.
  8. Just giving you grief. We all have different tastes.
  9. Time to go home, guys, you’re clearly drunk.
  10. Agree on the football. The orange in the now old logo would be better off than the darker football in the updated logo.
  11. As I said before, be prepared for Darth Vader and Storm Trooper outfits every weekend!
  12. Shameless bump. Just needed to see that glorious darker red again. I’ll even give a pass to the Terminator skull because the “old” red hides the unnecessary silver outline better than the previous red.
  13. I know those aren’t even socks, but the leggings need to be a different color than the pants. Any photoshop experts here?
  14. Red socks would improve this look GREATLY.
  15. Black socks with the white jersey, maybe even red... Red socks with the gradient jersey... The black set looks...ok. I could maybe...MAYBE live with this set with the sock changes.
  16. The Colts are going Tetris Skyline this coming season?
  17. Meh. Both need to be about 3” bigger and bolded for me to be impressed. Maybe SF could put ‘NINERS on the bumper and jersey and Minnesota could go with VIKES on both to be four fire emoji edgy!
  18. I’m glad the ATL is on the jersey just in case I couldn’t tell who the team was from the helmet bumper...
  19. So somebody at Nike saw this and told Atlanta’s front office, “gentlemen, we propose putting a falcon the size of the shoulder stars seen here...ON YOUR HELMETS! HUH? HUH? BOOM, right? I’m talking five-alarm fire emojis!” Atlanta front office staff apparently: nods collective heads in agreement.
  20. @hawk36 Thanks for posting that pic again. That uniform is just beautiful. I’m not crying...you’re crying!
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