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  1. I would pay money to see Matt Ryan on ESPN tonight demanding a trade after saying he simply refuses to wear those uniforms. It would make my week.
  2. Before you know it, weekly matchups between ANY two teams will feature one in Darth Vader costumes and one in Storm Trooper outfits. ‘Cuz that would be LIT, right?
  3. Yup, yup, and yup. Our worst nightmare is EXACTLY what they think will look 4 fire emoji-licious.
  4. And do you honestly feel that they will make the right decision with the socks? It’ll be wrong. Every. Single. Time.
  5. Is that what we’re shooting for? Tuesday: I HATE THEM! Thursday: I hate them less than yesterday. Nike: HOORAY! Our work here is done!
  6. Oh, now THAT detail makes me view them in a whole different light! No, wait, it doesn’t...they still suck. I can’t wait to see these in action though. The players will look like my 93 year old grandpa did when he hiked his pants all the way up to his nose. 0 fire emojis.
  7. So you give it 4 fire emojis then?
  8. There is always a silver lining!
  9. Meh. They could have used lime green pants and a commemorative 28-3 patch on the left shoulder to really spice it up. I would give that look 3 fire emojis.
  10. I sat around all day today getting drunk in the hopes of thinking these looked OK, too...didn’t work for me.
  11. Looks like my 6 year old playing “wear dad’s clothes to school day”...
  12. Makes those GIGANTIC numbers look even worse.
  13. We both know they’ll eff it up ever single time...
  14. Nailed it. The rest is a steaming pile of poop.
  15. Same color socks and pants on 5 of the 7 uniform schemes. Good grief, Falcons! There isn’t a single damn thing about this that is clean and simple. And now you’ve Buccaneer-ized the falcon on the HELMET? Even Tampa Bay saw fit to make it smaller this coming season. Everything about this is a straight up FAIL.
  16. I cannot find my post where I jokingly said that we’re all panicking about Tampa Bay looking too much like Atlanta and then the Falcons release all white and all black jerseys and eliminate red from the color scheme...and here we are. I’m a fan of many NFL teams and the 2020 Atlanta Falcons now look as bad as the 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform-wise. What the actual eff, Atlanta?
  17. It’s April Fool’s Day, right?
  18. The NFL color rush is a joke. The Rams in all yellow and Chiefs in all red was the last straw for me. The whole concept is awful.
  19. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going back to the Tampa Bay thread to behold the awesomeness over there.
  20. Browns: Let’s put a giant CLEVELAND across the front of our jerseys! Falcons: DUDE, WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!
  21. With black or gold socks, sure. With white? Nope.
  22. With black or gold socks, sure. With white socks, awful.
  23. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop staring at the new deeper red. It’s a billion times better than the previous version.
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