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  1. Jim Kelly was fantastic. Agreed. Back on topic...Falcons new uniforms still suck.
  2. 4 time winner...5 time loser. Only QB in history to lose 5 Super Bowls. Might be different.
  3. I’m no spelling major, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...what wizard at Nike spelled “SYSTEM” wrong on the pants stripe? EDIT: Wait...someone at Nike is trolling NE...sysTOM. Tom Brady! Good one!
  4. How differently would we view the Patriots had Atlanta dismantled New England the way they should have and won that game AND Pete Carroll hadn’t had Russell Wilson throw THAT pass and instead had Marshawn Lynch punch in the game-winning TD in the SB against the Seahawks?
  5. Looks like his arms in the second pic got the PED treatment...
  6. How will Joe Ferguson know which team to throw the ball to? (don’t bother getting up...I know the drill).
  7. Pretty much what we suspected all along.
  8. That deep aqua and burnt orange of the early 1980’s...I cried like a baby the night they lost the playoff game to the Chargers...
  9. Well, I was about 8 years old (1978) when I picked my favorite NFL teams on the basis of their uniforms... 1. Miami Dolphins 2. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Houston Oilers 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5. Detroit Lions 6. Atlanta Falcons 7. Seattle Seahawks
  10. “fare” enough... We must agree to disagree because I think that the Packers/Eagles matchup looks AWESOME!
  11. It’s amazing how color bland the NFL has become, isn’t it? Seattle’s a dark rainy-day look, the Eagles are a green and black that are hard to tell apart, and Denver is dark navy, amongst other teams. Those old Eagles uniforms were fantastic!
  12. Yikes. I’d almost forgotten how bad this set really was.
  13. The Vancouver Canucks...still trying to convince me that an orca gritting it’s teeth is an awesome logo...
  14. I don’t think the current set is bad at all...but when compared to the throwbacks, it’s not even close as to which one is better!
  15. Found it. This looks amazing compared to the drab green set they currently wear.
  16. An image of the Eagles throwbacks appeared in the Buccaneer Update thread and it’s amazing. Why on earth do the Eagles stick to their current scheme when the kelly green, silver, and white look so awesome together? Do Philly fans prefer the current scheme or do they long for the golden days of yore? And fans in Philly care to offer up an answer/opinion?
  17. That red helmet looks fantastic. As for the guy modeling the jerseys, let’s leave the preening to the players, shall we? We all know the scout team punter would kick your a**.
  18. I’ll check that out, thank you!
  19. @MattMill I got your back...can anyone help this man out? I’d be curious to see these as well.
  20. I’m sorry if I interrupted the Patriots chatter... I suppose I could just turn on the TV and watch some actual sports instead. Oh, wait...
  21. If I didn’t bother to really dive in and compare and contrast the Super Bowl era helmets to the new ones, I might not even notice the difference in the pirate and swords. The deep red is gorgeous. I also like that the extra black marks on the flag are gone. The FIRST thing I picked up on with the previous design (other than the obvious size increase) was the lighter red. It’s SO much better in the deeper shade. Wait, I just said that above. Bravo, Tampa Bay, bravo.
  22. Hey, I got an idea... ...there’s an actual thread for the Patriots discussion!
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