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  1. Just checking to see if Patchez (or anyone else) is taking requests for these embroidered graphics
  2. Tried looking for an update to the Wyoming Cowboys logo, but couldn't find one (although with a topic this size I could have missed)...is anyone up for this one?
  3. In my view, the basketball with props should be the secondary logo. The Spirits of St Louis script with the integrated plane was such a cool design you should modernize that and make it the primary.
  4. Did the entire city of Charlotte, North Carolina relocate to northern Virginia?
  5. ...because I have four adopted children from Korea and we are Cardinals fans, and they would get such a huge kick out of this!
  6. Very nicely done; hope you will be doing a St. Louis Cardinals version in Korean
  7. Thanks very much for the alternate Fiero version; I really appreciate your assistance!!
  8. Thanks very much for the above; if you could also do this version I would be greatly appreciative. I need it for a project I am trying to close out. Thanks in advance!
  9. Nice! Thanks for posting these primaries and alternates; can't wait to see the jersey logos! Just checking to see how the Cardinals jersey logos are coming along...
  10. Nice! Thanks for posting these primaries and alternates; can't wait to see the jersey logos!
  11. I have the official versions of all of them...will post later. Just checking on status for posting these Cardinals jersey logos. Thanks for your service to the forum community.
  12. I have the official versions of all of them...will post later. Outstanding; can't wait to see them - thanks very much!
  13. On the St. Louis Cardinals page: The jersey logo shown as 1924 - 1948 is actually 1936 - 1948The jersey logo shown as 1957 - 1997 is actually 1966 - 1997The jersey logo shown as 1998 - Pres is actually 1999 - PresReferencing the below, none of the jersey logos prior to 1936, or the 1949 - 1950, 1956, 1957 - 1965, or 1998 jersey logos are on the Cardinals' mothership pageThis is from a logo catalog created by the Cardinals
  14. No, it's Tulsa Golden Hurricane (singular), not Hurricanes (plural) And I have never seen this Tulsa logo before, other than on some patches being sold by a seller on eBay.
  15. Making exact duplicates of older logos would be a great service to the community! Would you be willing to start with these St. Louis Cardinals historical "birds on the bat" logos, noting the differences in the evolution of the birds on the bat design over the years? The version on the Cardinals' page on the main site that is labelled as "1924 - 1948" should actually be 1936 - 1948; and the one that is labelled "1957 - 1997" should actually be 1966 - 1997. If you can do the other birds on the bat logos shown on this resource (other than the 1951 - 1955 and the 1966 and later logos on the sheet below, which are already on the main site), that would be great: Thanks in advance for your willingness to make these older logos! Hi, I sent this in to UniWatch last year as apart of the article we published, and the artist (on behalf of the St. Louis Cardinals) would appreciate that you do not try and duplicate these graphics, as they are already digitized, and those digitized versions have been deemed authentic. All other St. Louis Cardinals fan created graphics are not authentic and for obvious reasons should not be trusted. Thank you for your understanding. Hello, who are these "I", "we", and "artist" you speak of? Links please. What's UniWatch? What article are you speaking of? Where was it published? Links please. What happens when 'amateurs' 'duplicate' sports graphics, or any graphics for that matter? Where can we see these authentic digitized graphics? Who deems digitized versions as authentic? Okay, so we, amateurs, shouldn't 'trust' any concepts / graphics / 'duplicates' created by other amateurs? Where do you draw the line between duplicates and concepts? Where do we draw the line between 'pro' and 'amateur'? Links please, if you should have any, for us to better understand, what you are implying with your very first post. Is that what you're saying here? What happens when non St. Louis Cardinals fans / amateur artists 'duplicate' / create concepts? What are these obvious reasons you speak of? What do you mean by 'trust'? Any more links you can help us understand what you're saying here? You see, we're 'amateurs' here, creating concepts and would appreciated your understanding. Thank you so much for your understanding us 'amateurs' here at boards.sportslogos.net Wow! I just realised the original artist is well over 114 years old! Is she / he okay? How is his / her health? Does she / he still create graphics for the St. Louis Cardinals? Please tell him / her "Hi!" from us amateurs here at boards.sportslogos.net. Thank you so much, Minor League Guy Uni-Watch is the blog of Paul Lukas, an ESPN columnist who is the number one journalist in uniform related news. I love the site and read it everyday. The article linked here is Paul Lukas interviewing St. Louis Cardinals designer Gary Kodner. Kodner was frustrated by MLB/Majestic branned merchandise and onfield attire that incorrectly displayed logos and scripts past and present. Kodner's requests to MLB and Majestic to portray the Cardinals logos correctly were blown off, so he dilligently digitized and catologued all the correct logos and details of the franchise to avoid unauthentic attire in the future. After reading the article I gained a better understanding of where minor league guy is coming from. What I think minor league guy, cokeologist and gatorhunter dont quite grasp is that Ren69's thread is about taking old dated logos and updating them to have a fresh look, not digitizing old logos exactly. I completely grasp the intent of this thread. I was simply responding to the other member's offer to recreate older logos, since I have been unsuccessfully looking for nice, clean, large size versions of these older Cardinals logos for quite some time (and I don't have the skill to do them myself). The fact that these older Cardinals logos may have already been diligently digitized and catalogued by the individual referenced above doesn't do much good to fans who would like to have them for personal purposes like computer wallpapers, if they aren't available to us. That is why I turned to members of this forum who have incredible skills to see if someone would take this on, and in particular the forum member who offered to recreate older logos; but unfortunately the other member who made the offer did not respond.
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