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  1. Gators wearing throwbacks next week. https://twitter.com/GatorsFB/status/1178278347899584512?s=20 Edit: sorry, I don’t know how to insert tweets in a post
  2. I’ve described this before, but I’ve always thought a something similar to their Color Rush jersey (with a different number font) would look good if worn with white pants and red socks. If not that, I’d be curious to see them make orange and pewter the primary/secondary colors with red as an accent.
  3. As far as I know, this is the first time the Bucs have released any kind of uniform schedule. Only three different combinations this year. Looks like they’re taking advantage of the new sock rule.
  4. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’m hoping to see them wear black pants and green socks with the green jersey at least once this year. Maybe same with the white jersey too.
  5. I know this thread is for 2019 changes, but one of the Glazers made some comments about the Bucs in 2020 regarding possible new uniforms and/or doing a throwback game with the 1997-2013 set. Pewter Report
  6. Was the 2004 Bengals B logo an official switch from the bengal head?
  7. Someone from the Tampa Bay Times tweeted that there are no plans to change the uniforms this season. So I’m sad about that.
  8. Isn’t this the year the Rams finish their uniform redesign?
  9. I just googled “sport green,” and found a color database site with an entry for it. IMO, it looks slightly brighter than what the Jets wear now, but still a form of dark green. Colourlovers.com
  10. I've been thinking a little bit about how I'd do a new Bucs set, and surprisingly, I think I'd keep more of the current set than I thought I would. Assuming there was no logo change, here's what I'd do (or at least draw up, if I could make concepts): Colors: Darken the red back to the Super Bowl era shade. Helmet: Stays the same, other than make the logo normal size Jersey: Red home jersey. Pewter recolorizations of the ship logo on BOTH sleeves (no BUCS logo). The numbers would be white with a single pewter outline. Pewter collar. Road jersey would be the same, but white (and red numbers outlined in pewter). Pants & socks. Three pant options: 1) White pants with red, tapered broad stripe with a pewter cap (basically what they wore this year against SF). 2) White pants with pewter, tapered broad stripe with red cap. 3) Red pants with pewter, tapered broad stripe (no cap). To be worn in a rare monochrome occasion. I don't have a pewter pant option because right now I have it in my head that the only pewter pants Nike can make is one that looks either black or olive drab. If they can make pewter pants look like they did in 2013, I would include a pewter option. Sock color would match the color of the broad stripe of the pants. And yes, that means I'm basically eliminating orange from the uniform.
  11. If I could add another Bucs fan's perspective. I lived the first 5/6 of my life in the Tampa Bay area, and though I was 9 when it happened, I still kinda remember the switch to red and pewter being a welcomed change. The creamsicle look now is great nostalgia (I have my fair share of throwback jerseys), but I'd be really surprised if you find many local fans saying that look was a genuinely more appealing look than red and pewter, at least with regard to the 1997-2013 set.
  12. I know we have a whole separate thread on this team, but now that the Bucs are 5 years into their monstrosities, I'm hopeful for a change.
  13. On a related note, I see that they wore the white pants with the red stripe. If I’m not mistaken, is this the first regular season game where they wore these?
  14. I participated in the Lightning third jersey online survey. I forget what almost all of my answers were, but I just want to say I apologize.
  15. Kinda thinking it might’ve been cool if the Rams wore their white pants in that game. Edit: someone kinda already said it
  16. And it looks like they’re putting the script logo on both sides this time!
  17. Bucs just posted that they’re wearing red (not color rush) jerseys on Monday night, which is a bit early in the season for them them to be wearing red at home, even for prime time games.
  18. Buccaneers’ Facebook page just posted that they’re wearing white jerseys with white pants. No mention of socks.
  19. Edit: Posted an old article that was posted earlier in this thread
  20. Teal/Black/Gold - 90s Jags wore it best The Golden Knights’ scheme minus the red Royal Blue/Black/Silver Navy/Neon Green Purple/Silver/Black Red/White/Navy Blue Navy/Powder Blue/Gold
  21. The Texans. 16 years and no sign of slowing down. (opinion, of course) edit: didn’t quote because I thought/assumed the post above would be the one asking about contemporary uniforms that aren’t outdated
  22. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean “we’re inventing a fauxback and wearing it full time,”