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  1. i really like the way these look i also like the sweden jersey
  2. i'm drinking a pepsi wild cherry right now... any word about what those cans will look like?
  3. don't all the teams have states in their logos?
  4. name one ...Elvis Grbac, John Navarre, Todd Collins The smiley probably meant he was kidding, as you may have heard of a guy named Tom Brady. Jim Harbaugh was no slouch, either. And don't forget Chad Henne and Brian Griese yeah i was being prety sarcastic too...
  5. thanks for the C&C i changed the things elliot said and it does look better, though the orange helmet looks wierd so i might keep it black also the piping is there because that's where the "creases" of the jersey are also im keeping the orange, because its different, a jersey thats not red, blue, or black. Does this mean you guys don't like the new Flyers third?
  6. name one ...Elvis Grbac, John Navarre, Todd Collins
  7. Bigmike, didn't you say you had one for the blaze awile beck?
  8. you sure do want the braves but I only have 1 logo design but it doesn't fit with anything else, seen here ill try to make sence of it I have A logo for the pirates, I might try them
  9. Yeah, I'm sure he's gonna get right on that now. We've had a quite a bit of "newer" members spamming the boards, such as bringing back old threads, but at least the other guy apologized for what he was doing. And in fairness, I don't quite think he knew he was doing something that was frowned on. But this guy's just a d***. I don't think that guy ever apologized, I was just reading through some of his later posts. I had PM'd him that day he posted 36 in a row in one concept. I posted his response in one thread, can't remember which. And since has toned down on the quantity of posts. But again, this guy's just a d***. In what concept, 'cause I've got to see this... The NCAA baseball redesign it was 36 concepts in 1 thread
  10. ok guys, im working on making a map with all the logos i have a few done but i need these Oregon Washington Nevada
  11. ill give it a try i have NOTHING to do also can anyone find the carolina court logo?
  12. yeah you're probably right, i do come across as cocky thanks for all the help on this, and the ducks design elliot
  13. thanks for the C&C elliot I'll try to update it with everything you said was wrong oh and stumpygremlin a gold jersey? ewwww
  14. Hey everyone. A while back I felt like doing a jersey redesign. So Iwnt on the NHL tournament of logos, where they have jersey raitings of all the teams. Well the worst is the Ducks. So I set out to hopefully design a better jersey for them, and I'm pretty sure I did that, take a look! I wanted to keep the swoosh effect, like they have now. The socks are also swooshes. So what do you think? I planned to make this a series, but im wrapped up in my MLB redesign series C&C please
  15. Hey guys(and the occasional girl). I got done with my Rays concept, and i must say, I really like it. First off let me say the little yellow thing on the R represents a sun ray, AND a sting ray. It has a double meaning, it not just a sun ray! Further proof, they still have the ray touch tank in right center field, and Aki Iwomuras glove is made of gator skin, because they don't make sting ray skin. But Now onto the concept. I cut off the tail of the R, because some have said it's unnecessary. So here's the concept. The primary looks exactly how it looked when i drew it in my English class. Now to the jerseys. I only changes the away, because I put Tampa Bay, instead of Rays. BUT WAIT, there's more! LEWJ made me a fantasy light blue rays jersey avatar, and I must say, it looks awesome. So i made a light blue jersey! So that's it for today. I was thinking about how many teams have blue, and red for their colour schemes. What would you think if I used Red, and green for the red sox? Just an idea I'm throwing out there. C&C please
  16. the indianapolis team should be the racers like the WHA team
  17. raysox

    NHL football

    Yeah, that Devils one is probably my worst one. I tried to go too far out of the box for that one. I'd would absolutely love to do the Lightning next, my second favorite team! i mean it was a good idea, it just didn't turn out very good and congrats on your 500th post
  18. Hey everyone, I have my redesign for the Rangers. I wanted to use a badge in my primary, so I did, and i must say, I think it looks great. I added a tertiary logo, in the shape of Texas. I kept the cap, and script, because I think it goes well with the Rangers identity. So enjoy my redesign. I kept the jersey's the same, because I like their set now. This is also my first set in the series, with vests. So that's what I have for now. I'll try to do my Rays today. I'll most likely get it done by tonight. C&C Please
  19. raysox

    NHL football

    i like the aves one, but the devils one isn't very good, id retry that and could you do the lightning next?
  20. hahaha i have a longo, and kazmir t shirt jersey, and i love them though i plan on gettingma replica jersey for christmas
  21. sorry, i cant get the rangers done tongiht, but i have the logos ill do the jerseys tomorrow morning thanks for the C&C
  22. ??? Please explain. notice the NC, SC border http://www.maps4.com/north_carolina_map.gif
  23. your current sig is awesome