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  1. I'm all for it! The league's track record does say otherwise.
  2. #BlahFranchisesMatter Next we'll get a bunch of nice Patriots fans to politely tell you #AllFranchisesMatter.
  3. Well, Sweden's death rate has been three times higher than other countries and hasn't been deemed a success by very many folks. Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean you're less contagious. You can still pass it along to other people who can spread it to other people and still get sick. As for the NFL, it seems their policies in general are always fairly reactive and public relations oriented. Concussions, race, etc. all are only summarily dealt with when the PR hit becomes too much to ignore.
  4. Well, the NHL is even dipping into the 'Pointless Realignment' thread for the upcoming season. Did Chris stage a coup and become commissioner or something?
  5. The Nordiques jerseys never bothered me for their simplicity. I was fond of the logo because it was such an odd leftover from the 70s, and was happy the purple and teal never saw the ice. The Toronto Blue Jays and Tennessee Titans really need to look at these Maine Nordique uniforms.
  6. So, there's been no word at all from MLB? This is like a rumored mass layoff at a big company but nobody knows which Friday it's coming.
  7. Looks good, but something that occurred to me is to simplify things a bit and put the skyline (or just a more specific building or two) in the pill shape of the microphone, with those old timey vertical hash marks on the top and bottom. It may have a more immediate read as a podcast for the viewer.
  8. I really hope every community affected by this reorganization remembers what is happening right now when baseball tries to pass the hat in a couple years after announcing MLB expansion plans, requiring eight more MILB teams (and accompanying modern facilities). It's going to be the most depressing manipulation of civic pride and dumb local politicians for the biggest grift since Shelbyville's monorail convinced Springfield's citizens to open their own pursestrings.
  9. Well, those are the colors of the original that doesn't exist. Remember, this is a retro reverse of the jersey that doesn't exist.
  10. I agree! The Chiefs were wearing those winter capes (or something similar) a few weeks ago in Denver when it was snowing.
  11. They should add capes and really lean into their 'Gotham' identity. Dark Knight/Black Jerseys! Nike doen't even have to write a thing! Why not!!!
  12. I am sooooooo rooting for a straight throwback uniform that ends up being worn for 4 times a year, then 6, then 8... expecting black and blue or black and yellow.
  13. Sure, Seattle deserves a team, but expansion has to be looked upon more as a last desperate option, doesn't it? Remember how much the old ABA teams (Nets, Spurs, Nuggets, and Pacers) fought so hard to resolve paying a cut to the old owners of the Spirits of St Louis? Those teams were paying up to 16 million a year and finally settled by paying them off with a 500 million dollar lump sum, because the TV shares are that valuable. Expansion fees (remember, Seattle paid $650 million to enter the NHL!) are great and two teams could easily cover a 1.5 or most of a 2.5 billion dollar loss (2020 and 2021), but every team's cut of the TV share drops as well - from 1/30th to 1/32nd. Seems like the owners and players are going to have to figure something out, bite the bullet and ride out the painful losses for a few years and (perhaps) come out of this (soon?) (maybe?) in better financial shape than having taken two extra cuts of the pie. On the other hand, I fully expect baseball to not only add two teams, but cut the 40 minor league teams and then sell another 8 new minor league teams to the highest bidders as well, while cluelessly rewriting their rules to try to make every cent they can now.
  14. They used a generic font on the Trailblazers' one as well. Must be a rights thing or perhaps they want to have sole possession of the design? I haven't been in that theater, but I would never associate that jersey with that exterior. If anything, it seems to echo the play 'Chicago', which I connect more to Broadway and New York than Chicago. But the Knicks already used the 'City that never sleeps' thing, leaving it to Chicago to take it back!
  15. Heard here are some of the new city jerseys that I've heard are in the pipeline: CELTICS- red, white and green 'North End' jerseys, the numbers will be in a giant meatball ala the Warriors' cable car jerseys. NUGGETS- REDRUM jerseys. Icy blue and white, axes in doorways on the side panels. ROCKETS- black Rothko jerseys, no names, no numbers, etc. Just black. BULLS- Willis/Sears Tower jerseys. Complete with clear observation deck side panels. MAGIC- Waffle House design, all yellow, complete menu on front and back. CLIPPERS- David Hockney inspired jerseys, with this painting serving as inspiration.
  16. Neil Diamond was from Brooklyn as well.
  17. 2021's Boston Marathon postponed from April to a date to be determined.
  18. I like the idea of the Nets using side panels as a (no pun intended) blank canvas for the addition of color. I thought the Biggie jerseys looked incredible with the added color. Finding different inspirations or themes as an abstract splash of color works with the black and white. I find the Nets use of fonts abhorrent. I'm also not that cool with using dead artists' work with (Im naively assuming Basquiat's relatives/foundation/etc signed off on this) or without permission (the Biggie lawsuits). And I get they've probably gotten permission, but why does a sports jersey need a signature from Basquiat or MLK on it?
  19. The navy/powder combo always reminds me of a bowl of this:
  20. Sporting Club? Soccer Club? Sporting Kansas City? The Wizards rebrand was so stupid. SC on the KC logo means nothing to KC.
  21. Before the logo was revealed, for the first time, there was a leak of a flag that appeared to have a purplish/teal hue that is hard to describe in place of the grey. These boards lived off that image until the gold, grey and red imagery was finally unveiled. I kinda think that color set would be more interesting than the grey heavy set.
  22. All these Marlins comments are insane. The umpires have more legible uniforms. Stop defending this design.
  23. Let's hope the governor of Florida doesn't force them to hold a Stanley Cup parade right now. On a serious note, congrats Tampa fans, your team did good!
  24. Even the US Senate begrudgingly gave unemployed Americans $600 dollars a week. MLB can go to hell.
  25. I think it's funny one of the Cowboys' 84 colors (or is it 83 or 85 due to Nike's change to the new powder blue pants color?) is actually black, yet the Nike logo on the sleeves is blue. But they were able to shoehorn in a black logo on the Colts' uniforms when it previously wasn't part of their simpler palette.
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