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  1. I think the M mark is great, and the word mark is fine. The primary looks horrible with the feet in puddles/lakes and the piece of cardboard/piece of cheese home plate, but otherwise, I find the logo largely inoffensive and a breath of fresh air from all the minor league branding we've been force fed from that one company. It's miles more interesting than their previous two logos, and if somebody found the tertiary logo on a team letterhead from 1953, half this board would be ordering t-shirts and praising its return. While I'm expecting some doozies that could end up Canton Ice Patrol bad, I'm generally excited by the variety that this new era of minor league designs could bring, as long as the designers are getting paid properly.
  2. Kansas City is the Paris of the Plains, Toledo better be careful.
  3. A clip art beer mug complete with watermarks would work a lot better than that logo.
  4. At some point, doesn't it just become a loss and 'recouping' it becomes immaterial? Otherwise, are they going to take 10% of every revenue stream going forward to 'cover' their losses until its made back? I have no idea what the union and management agreed to going forward, so maybe things are complicated with escrow accounts, lower salary caps in the near future, etc. From what I've read, Bettman looked at the split TV packages the NFL and NBA got and negotiated similar deals that pay them more per year going forward. Seems like that worked out decent for the league, despite having 3 Cups on cable.
  5. The days NFL sleeve patterns reminded me of the tube socks I wore back then.
  6. I'd say 90% of my family worked at that plant one time or another through well into the late 80's, I always welcome random Schenectady references on these boards!
  7. off brand camo is perfectly on brand for MLB's holiday bonanzas.
  8. The NLL already had the Landsharks.
  9. Watching the Yankees-Rays game tonight and there's a bunch of Yankees wearing their socks high, but they are the striped/branded/styled official sock of MLB, so they have varying thickness of stripes in navy and royal blues, which adds royal blue to their midnight navy and white pinstriped home uniforms. The kicker is that the same exact navy/royal striped sock is used by the Rays, so it's slightly jarring to see the pinstriped Yankees share apparel on the field with the Tampa Bay Rays.
  10. I know its not a thing, thats why I couched it with "wholly internet derived copyright rule about changing 30% or 40%". I thought the sarcasm would be apparent. if people were arguing about the NFL's right to defend their copyright, I was hoping to nip things in the bud before some internet copyright sleuth decided the logo was more than 30% different than the NFL's copyright.
  11. Well, why wouldn't three other organizations support a bill that they would specifically be called out to benefit from without any effort from them?
  12. All citizens of this great country can always rely on some greased palms to allow politicians to pass laws for the greater good. Thank God for the Arizona legislature to support the Arizona Coyotes.
  13. It would've been so much easier if the Houston Roughnecks adhered to another wholly internet derived copyright rule about changing 30% or 40% of the original logo in order to make it their own. (I can't remember the actual amount, but I'm sure some of the board's copyright experts can correct me) Also, people upset with the NFL in all this is outrageous.
  14. I'm expecting a polite link to 'check out if interested' somebody's 30 team State Connect Uniform Series in Concepts within the next three pages. I can't wait to see the purple, volt and grey Erie Canal Mets uniform!
  15. Over the years, baseball has become a hyper-localized sport. There are no transcendent 'national' stars that compare to NFL and NBA star recognition, and very few teams that draw crowds on the road. Everyday regular season baseball is geared towards home markets (local TV/radio) and most of the other teams and players are largely interchangeable, anonymous opponents. National ratings are low until the playoffs, and even then they trail other leagues by massive margins (ratings are roughly: NFL 30m viewers/game, NBA 3m/game, MLB 1.8m/game). Unveiling a uniform series that will largely focus on niche/marginal aspects of each city's identity while subjugating each club's actual and nationally recognized brand seems like such a dumb idea. But maybe after fixing the intentional walk a couple years ago to speed up the game, this will finally be the fix that cures all of baseball's ills.
  16. Or seven teams, because like Quebec City, Sacramento isn't going to get an MLS team anytime soon.
  17. Sounds like it fits into the spectrum of Texas sports and Texas perfectly. The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team, but everybody outside Texas hates them. Astros fans rallied around their cheating champions and probably still deny anything improper happened. Disrepected Texas Longhorns get unsportsmanlike penalties called against other teams who throw a 'horns down'. Step up to the plate Austin, you're in the big leagues now! The greatest graffiti I ever saw was in Brooklyn that said, "Austin hipsters go home". So succient and on point.
  18. That blue uniform is a jarring mashup of Boston and New York sports. It feels like one of those quiz things where you have to read the word(orange, blue, yellow, etc) when the font is on a different color (green, red, purple) and you end up saying the color you're actually seeing instead of reading the actual word.
  19. Despite your cynicism, boycotts supported by the removal of sporting events have worked to change laws.. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-north-carolina-lgbt/seeking-end-to-boycott-north-carolina-rescinds-transgender-bathroom-law-idUSKBN1711V4 https://www.vice.com/en/article/ezed9e/throwback-thursday-the-nfl-takes-the-super-bowl-away-from-arizona
  20. Or Cobb County, which is 20 miles from Atlanta. Just guessing a lot of the people you think this is affecting aren't taking 20 mile ubers to their hot dog cooking job 20 miles away.
  21. A couple months ago the Chiefs renamed their field after some health care provider that goes by an acronym. It's technically still Arrowhead, but follows the Superdome's naming rights (XXXXX Field at XXXXX Stadium), but its going to be an awkward introduction before every kickoff on TV.
  22. Maybe they'll have a Connect Four third jersey.
  23. Really? Why? I hadn't heard that. I guess there is always hope they'll play their playoff games in Connecticut!
  24. I think the only way a Columbia blue helmet works is if the blue if the darkest color in the helmet, like UNC using a blue shell with a white monogram on it. Everything else makes the shell look 'plastic' or oversaturated in a weird way, if that makes any sense. Every Columbia blue helmet with other, darker colorsike navy or red in the logo feels garish.
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