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  1. I understand why most people don’t like Euro-inspired names, but some of those make more sense than others. City, Wanderers, or just FC is understandable enough, but the problem with names like Real, Sporting, and Inter is that it has to be explained. It has to be justified. Us soccer nerds know that RSL was inspired by Real Madrid, Sporting KC by Sporting Lisbon, and Inter Miami by Inter Milan, but where does that leave people new to following the sport? To us it’s a cute little reference, but it’s alienating to those who aren’t in on the joke, of which there are still very many.
  2. Good job on Gateway. I always wanted that to be the name of our MLS team once that materializes. They may very well wear green too, as most of our current minor-league clubs wear that color.
  3. I think I like yours better. It solves all the problems I was having. I wouldn’t have thought of putting the mountain teams in with St. Louis and KC. Putting the Cascadian teams with Northern California was another nice move.
  4. It’s a beautiful flag. I’m guessing the twelve points of the burst is just for aesthetics?
  5. MLS if they implemented division play: EASTERN Metropolitan - NYCFC - NY Red Bulls - New England - Philadelphia - Montreal Southeast - DC United - Charlotte - Atlanta - Orlando - Miami Central - Chicago - FC Cincinnati - SC Nashville - Columbus - Toronto FC WESTERN Midwest - Kansas City - St. Louis - FC Dallas - Austin - Houston Northern - Minnesota - Colorado - Salt Lake - Sacramento - Vancouver Pacific - LA Galaxy - LAFC - San Jose - Portland - Seattle Had a bit of trouble deciding how to sort the western teams. It was between putting MinnU in a division with teams in the Rockies and one on the west coast, or putting the Loons in the Midwest and having to split up either the KC/STL rivalry or the Texas three-way.
  6. Love what you did with the Stars. I do hope the MLS team we get can wear stripes.
  7. Nice job on the Caribous. Kinda wish they kept the brown as their main colors tho
  8. Lol I forgot about the Kicks. Love the addition of purple. Really anchors down the whole look in a way it wouldn’t be able to with just the sky blue and orange.
  9. The shield next to the Sting logo looks familiar. I’m guessing you brought the Strikers back to South Florida and then made an all-new team for Minnesota.
  10. Are those their new colors? Pretty cool if so
  11. Seconded. Been a secret Cats fan for a couple years now
  12. You just named practically half the league XD I’m going with Lions myself, mainly because 1. I’ve been told they’re good, and 2. one of their players, Seung-Hwan Oh, once played for my beloved Cardinals.
  13. The Twins do have interesting uniforms, pinstripes combined with racing stripes, like what the Mets did once.
  14. To those not yet in the know, South Korea has relaxed their restrictions to the point that their baseball league, the Korean Baseball Organization, has started playing games. No fans in the stands, but that could change soon. ESPN has agreed to show KBO games in the States. You’ll need to get up before dawn to catch the live broadcasts, but it’s better than nothing, I think. Here’s some more info I found on teams, rules, schedule, players, and other stuff Anyway, let’s talk K-ball!
  15. I’m okay with this. The more modern logo suits the agency better.
  16. Oh hey, thanks for the input. I actually changed it to something different. I didn’t realize anyone saw the first version, honestly. After showing the first version on Reddit, I was advised against using actual regional arms as that would imply that I had some sovereignty over those places. The arm was a symbol of industriousness and the arrow stood for readiness. I was later told that the arm and arrow are a prominent symbol of the Armstrong clan, which I have no affiliation with. For this new version, I dropped the brown and used the colors of my ancestral homes as a more subtle reference. The millrinds are a less common symbol of industry. The book, along with the writing within, represents a willingness to listen and learn.
  17. Here’s my first attempt at a personal CoA, assuming no one has a problem with it: A rough blazon: Argent, a chief vert charged with three millrinds or, and in the field on an open book azure, the letters P and R and the numbers 19 and 20 of the field. The printing on the book refers to Proverbs 19:20 of the Bible, "Listen to advice and accept discipline, and in the end you will be counted among the wise."
  18. I never liked the Atlanta Falcons' '90s uniforms. It drove me nuts that they had no red whatsoever in their helmets, and that they had silver pants for some reason.
  19. So is anything being done about the actual disease, or are we just gonna keep shutting things down until we all have nothing? I’m getting worried
  20. Am I the only one who would prefer this as the primary?
  21. For those not in the know, Marylebone Cricket Club is the main custodian and arbiter of the laws of cricket around the world. The article basically says they updated their logo so it looks better in digital media and merchandise.
  22. I see. I’ve been using MediBang myself lately.
  23. What program are you using to make these, if you don’t mind me asking?
  24. Ah I see where you’re coming from now. Anyway, I fixed up my cat some more... As requested, I gave him more of a snout and moved his ears up a bit, so he’s less likely to be mistaken for a bird. Added some extra flame effects too.