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  1. Lights weren't added until the late 1980s, so they did the best they could to optimally illuminate a field that wasn't originally configured to be artificially lit. And of course many Cubs purists would argue that there shouldn't be any lights at all. Of course, no amount of protest was going to stop the revenue-hungry MLB from forcing the Cubs to install lights. If the Cubs were ever to play a World Series game in Chicago during the tail end of the no lights era, they would have been forced to play at Comiskey Park so that the game(s) could be aired as primetime television. But I've gone off on a tangent. On a more relevant note, thanks for putting on a show in all four facets of the game to properly end my Easter Sunday. Let's try not to make this kind of laughable performance a habit like it has been in the past God knows how many years, shall we, Cubbies?
  2. Melvin "Player Formerly Known As BJ" Upton and Craig Kimbrel are allegedly headed to San Diego in exchange for Cameron Maybin and Carlos Quentin. What in the world are you thinking, Hotlanta?
  3. You want bold predictions? You got 'em: First Round Upsets -Buffalo over West Virginia -Valparaiso over Maryland -Harvard over North Carolina -BYU over Xavier -LSU over North Carolina State -Dayton over Providence -Stephen F. Austin over Providence -Eastern Washington over Georgetown -Davidson over Iowa Second Round Surprises -Buffalo into Sweet 16 with win over Valparaiso -Wichita State over Kansas -Dayton over Oklahoma -Michigan State over Virginia -Stephen F. Austin into Sweet 16 with win over Eastern Washington -Davidson over Gonzaga My Elite Eight -Kentucky (defeated Buffalo) -Notre Dame (defeated Wichita State) -Wisconsin (defeated Arkansas) -Arizona (defeated Baylor) -Louisville (defeated Villanova) -Michigan State (defeated BYU) -Duke (defeated Stephen F. Austin) -Iowa State (defeated Davidson) My Final Four -Notre Dame (defeated Kentucky) -Wisconsin (defeated Arizona) -Michigan State (defeated Louisville) -Iowa State (defeated Duke) National Championship Prediction -Wisconsin 74, Iowa State 67
  4. Dammit, Yale. Would've loved to see a new face representing the Ivy this year, especially after Harvard knocked out my Bearcats last March.
  5. Leave it to Kruger to fire a shot at the goaltender one-on-one from point blank range.
  6. I saw clue VI late (after guessing Warner), and my next guess would have to be Joe Montana.
  7. I think I've got it, but I've made enough uneducated guesses for one night so I'll sit the rest of this one out.
  8. Kurt Warner? EDIT: As a result of clue VI, I'll guess Joe Montana instead.
  9. Well that Stoke City dream died real fast today with both Inter and Bayern agreeing to a deal for Shaqiri going to Milan. As a Liverpool fan, I'm disappointed. It seemed that the Reds were pushing hard for "the Swiss Messi", and he would have instantly become my new favorite Red with Gerrard on his way out the door. Just envisioning Xherdan dazzling in at Anfield gives me goosebumps. It's a shame he opted for Inter Milan. To take it for what it is, Serie A just got mighty interesting. Roma are hot on Juve's tail, Napoli and AC Milan have the potential to catch fire and make a run at the front runners, and now Inter have added Podolski and Shaqiri to their attack. Now if only Vidić and that defense could have a run of good form, Inter would be a threat to at the very least qualify for Europe.
  10. On the bright side, Andy Dalton's haircut really is something. Seriously, though, I think that the Bengals really had their hands tied coming into this one. Without two receivers in Green and Gresham who accounted for 42% of Cincinnati's air game (IIRC), the Bengals were essentially doomed from the start. Had they had everyone healthy, I think that this game would be a nailbiter (if not Cincinnati in the driver's seat) instead of a sure Colts win, given Indy's lack of a run game and the Bengals' superb defense. Unfortunately, Bengals fans will simply have to wait another year. Curses are meant to be broken, and I believe that all the pieces will fall into place one season or another for the Bengals (and for the Reds & Blue Jackets). No need to give up hope if you're a Cincinnati sports fan, or if you belong to any struggling fan base, for that matter. There will always be better days.
  11. If Frank Lampard could score the winning goal that'd be great, or terrible, I dont really know.Does anyone else find the whole Lampard Man City loan business a little unsettling? I'm not a fan of either Chelsea or City, but when Frank scored the equalizer against Chelsea it just didn't feel right, as if he should either be with Chelsea or outside the Premier League altogether. As a Liverpool fan, I guess I have no choice but to hope that Gerrard doesn't go down that same road in light of today's news...
  12. Wild Card Weekend AFC Baltimore Ravens 13, Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Cincinnati Bengals 20, Indianapolis Colts 26 NFC Arizona Cardinals 16, Carolina Panthers 23 Detroit Lions 22, Dallas Cowboys 35 Divisional Round AFC Indianapolis Colts 23, New England Patriots 41 Pittsburgh Steelers 29, Denver Broncos 27 NFC Carolina Panthers 9, Seattle Seahawks 30 Dallas Cowboys 27, Green Bay Packers 24 Conference Championships AFC Pittsburgh Steelers 24, New England Patriots 21 NFC Dallas Cowboys 17, Seattle Seahawks 31 2014 Super Bowl (2006 rematch!) Pittsburgh Steelers 20, Seattle Seahawks 26
  13. A Buccaneers fan or someone in Tampa Bay's front office would, of course, prefer the Bucs to lose their game. But what you have to remember is that the players of the field are paid to do one thing: play to the best of their ability. They're not gonna throw the game just so the Buccaneers can draft a player that will potentially take one of their spots (that has to be Josh McCown's mentality right now; a win could mean that the Bucs don't get Mariota and take a defensive stud instead).
  14. If we assume that Peyton goes to San Diego and is successful there, then this impacts the careers of Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Eli Manning.Man, I'd imagine a team of Peyton Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Antonio Gates would have won a Super Bowl or two.And wouldn't this ultimately mean that Brees, a Purdue grad, would have fittingly ended up on the Colts?
  15. I entirely do not intend sarcasm when I say that this Raycom Media Camellia Bowl has been thoroughly entertaining. Best bowl game of the day so far; it's got everything from ugly uniforms to a cannon-armed quarterback to a bloody coach.
  16. This game was slated to start at 9:00 PM EDT, and yet the first half won't end until no earlier than 11:00. Holy slow football game, Batman.
  17. Yeah, it's an awful slate of games for the most part, but Utah-Colorado State should actually be an entertaining contest between two top-30 teams, so if you're gonna pick one bowl game to watch today it'd have to be that one.
  18. I mean, that one's leftover from last year and there hasn't been any effort to revive it, so I started a fresh one.