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  1. I'd like to borrow the time machine you're using to find out who wins Game 7. Seriously, dude, coming to pessimistic conclusions about one's team is one of the most annoying things a fan can do.That being said, that game was incredible. Simply put, Patrick Kane is so clutch. I'm really looking forward to Game 7 on Sunday.
  2. Call off the firing squad for Handzus, Andy. This series is heading back to LA.
  3. Can we stop coming to conclusions prematurely? Thanks. There's plenty of hockey still to be played here.
  4. I was just thinking roughly the same thing; Chicago's home ice advantage can really work in their favor here. I'm fairly confident that they'll win Game 5 at home, and if they can ride that momentum and pull out a Game 6 win in Los Angeles, we'll be in for a real barnburner in Chicago on Sunday.Also, bolded for emphasis.
  5. So much for that comeback. Chicago couldn't keep a steady attack going with that 6 on 5 advantage.
  6. Correct, unless you technicaly consider the Dodgers/Mets 1988 NLCS for the championship of a league(We had some close calls- Knicks-Lakers 2000, these same teams in 2012) I guess you could say that the Kings-Devils Stanley Cup Final in 2012 was the last time it happened if you consider Newark a part of New York (and I would; Newark's airport is considered one of three major NYC airports so the city should be considered part of NYC, or at least its metropolitan area. "Newark" is just "New York" slurred, after all.)
  7. We're ed. The Chicago power play is complete horse , and the penalty kill isn't so hot either (as evidenced by that Muzzin goal).
  8. While his contract does run through the 2018 World Cup and he probably is picturing the core of his 2018 squad already, you better believe he wants to win in 2014 as well. I'll bet that his primary goal right now is figuring out which eleven players are capable of taking down Ghana, Portugal, and especially his native Germany. Leaving Donovan off the roster probably is due to both Klinsmann's present and future endeavors; there's no point in having a striker who is way past his prime on the 2014 roster just because of past achievements, but also he obviously isn't a part of Klinsmann's plan for 2018.
  9. I've gotta say I'm happy with the way the Eastern Conference playoffs have panned out. Pittsburgh and Boston are both filled with guys who put up big stats in the regular season but don't turn it up a notch come playoff time. I'm looking forward to watching the Rangers-Canadiens series; it should be a classic considering how great this season's playoffs have been already and the fact that both New York and Montréal are Original Six teams that haven't been to a Stanley Cup Final since the mid-90s. And also as a Blackhawks fan I'd much rather see a Hawks-Rangers or Hawks-Habs series than a Hawks-Bruins repeat.
  10. [comicsans]The Cleveland Browns select Justin Gilbert.[/comicsans] *insert obligatory "Cleveland's gonna Cleveland, Browns gonna Brown" comment here*
  11. No. That wasn't a fluke-y goal; Ryan Miller was doing a Dominik Hasek impersonation... and failed. This always struck me as a bit of a "wtf" move anyways. Halak wasn't awful by any means. Yeah, they completely disregarded the fact that Halak led the eighth seeded Canadiens to the Eastern Conference Final in 2010 and that Miller has never had any sort of tournament/playoff success outside the 2010 Winter Olympics. Two Eastern Conference Finals say otherwise.Looks like I underestimated the ole Buffalo Sabres. He hasn't had any playoff success recently, anyway, and he's aged quite a bit; Halak is five years younger and in his prime.
  12. This always struck me as a bit of a "wtf" move anyways. Halak wasn't awful by any means. Yeah, they completely disregarded the fact that Halak led the eighth seeded Canadiens to the Eastern Conference Final in 2010 and that Miller has never had any sort of tournament/playoff success outside the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  13. That third period was fantastic, but Miller's poor goaltending definitely contributed to the onslaught. I honestly think that the Blackhawks have a huge advantage in the conference semis; Colorado lacks the kind of playoff experience that Chicago has and Minnesota would simply be overmatched.
  14. At last, the Jackets' strategy of dumping the puck behind the Pittsburgh goal paid off. Fleury finally gave in and tried to get the puck out of there himself, but Columbus was quick and Fleury couldn't get back in time to contest Dubinsky's shot. Great work, Beej!
  15. I don't disagree with that at all; I thought that an American/National Conference format would be beneficial for the NBA, and I put the NHL in the same format just for kicks and giggles.
  16. I'll bite. Pacers over Hawks (4-0) Bulls over Wizards (4-3) Raptors over Nets (4-2) Heat over Bobcats (4-1) Spurs over Mavericks (4-0) Trail Blazers over Rockets (4-2) Clippers over Warriors (4-3) Thunder over Grizzlies (4-1) Pacers over Bulls (4-2) Heat over Raptors (4-1) Trail Blazers over Spurs (4-3) Thunder over Clippers (4-2) Pacers over Heat (4-2) Thunder over Trail Blazers (4-3) Thunder over Pacers (4-3)
  17. Since the NBA is becoming a joke because of how much stronger the Western Conference is, here's my idea for NBA realignment: American Conference East Division Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors Central Division Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers Oklahoma City Thunder West Division Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Clippers Phoenix Suns San Antonio Spurs National Conference East Division Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers Washington Wizards Central Division Chicago Bulls Memphis Grizzlies Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Timberwolves New Orleans Pelicans West Division Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings Utah Jazz And, hell, the NHL in the same format while I'm at it: American Conference East Division Boston Bruins Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens New Jersey Devils New York Islanders Central Division Buffalo Sabres Detroit Red Wings Nashville Predators Ottawa Senators Pittsburgh Penguins West Division Anaheim Ducks Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks National Conference East Division Carolina Hurricanes New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Tampa Bay Lightning Washington Capitals Central Division Chicago Blackhawks Columbus Blue Jackets Minnesota Wild St. Louis Blues Toronto Maple Leafs West Division Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings Phoenix Coyotes San Jose Sharks Winnipeg Jets
  18. It's a great league, gents; if you're looking to get into CCSLC fantasy baseball, don't miss out on this opportunity!
  19. Man, after Pacioretty somehow failed to score on that wide open shot, I thought that the Lightning would be able to finish them off considering Price's spotty goaltending. I hate to see Tampa Bay lose like that.
  20. Tomorrow's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline: "White Power: Kaminsky-Led Badgers Derp Their Way into Final Four".
  21. Could work, but that would mean a shortened offseason, which I doubt players would be in favor of.Their offseason would have been occupied anyways by the June-July World Cup.