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  1. Well, by seasons end, it will probably be red,blue, white, black,turquoise,green, robins egg blue and PEACH.
  2. Padres in brown and yellow(no surprise)look spectacular and surprisingly, the Brewers look great.
  3. Oh my god, I remember that video "Lightning Strikes" back in the 80s. It was a pretty good tune. Aaaaaaah 80's MTV how I miss thee.
  4. The moderators have done a great job in cutting these threads off when possible. I come here for enjoyment. So thank you Moderators!!!!
  5. > Yellow numbers waaaaay better!!
  6. The font isn't bad it just shouldn't go on a Steelers jersey. Save it for the Cardinals,Bengals, Jaguars next redo.
  7. The Rams uniforms actually look like they just came out of the washer and the detergent was not put in.
  8. Uniforms more than ever ARE a teams identity. Changing every 5 years or having 90 different uniforms(looking at you NBA) is just a jab at the fans but most of all, a money grab. With free agency, players shouldn't be able to have a say in the uniform design. Some teams haven't changed their uniforms much in all of their history, but some teams just seem to do it just to do it. All team ownership has to do is look in the crowd at their home games and see what jerseys are worn most. Since we are in the football thread, I'll blame the 1997 Broncos for screwing everything up.
  9. Got that right Bluefalcon but what really impresses me is that these people actually showed their faces to the public.
  10. It is me or do these uniforms look worse as each day passes. Some teams you just can't do a huge overhaul to. The Rams did a good job in 2000, changed the gold, put the new logo on the sleeves and kept the Rams horn in one piece. The horn just doesn't make sense. That dumb name tag with the sewing machine running out of thread look is awful. I though the gradient Falcons jersey was bad but the Rams are actually worse because the numbers look ridiculous on the Blue jerseys(the font is terrible too) and it's their home jersey. Someone earlier posted that the shoulders looked like a radio station logo, pretty damn funny. This should have been a slam dunk but the Rams pulled a Charles Smith(one of the most painful moments for me as a Knick fan and for you youngsters, refer to game 5, 1993 playoffs Bulls vs. Knicks last ten seconds). WOW, the Buccaneers have better uniforms than the Rams, just Wow.
  11. Dare I say the Rams are actually WORSE than the Buffalslug. Freakin horrible.
  12. Has it really gotten this bad with the money grab? Are some teams knowingly putting out awful uniforms because they will change them again in five years? The Bucs and Jags were a joke, especially the Bucs and have now just gone back to set close to the Super Bowl set. I've had a few days to digest(and throw up) but how the hell did the Rams allow this. I've read everyone's posts since they came out and although I'm not up there in posts, I've been a member a long time and respect most opinions. There are so many valid opinions that I can't point them all out. Collectively, I think it's safe to say this uniform set is one of the worst ever especially because it's a team with a long identity and history and they screwed it up.
  13. I agree, but hopefully they won't wear the royal set(although it is nice too)as much and take on their powder blue identity.
  14. Since we're throwing out concepts and fixes.... My god, even the stripes match!
  15. Man, that royal blue looks like something the Rams may choose but that's on the Rams for dragging this out. I really wouldn't mind the yellow jerseys at home and white on the road for the Rams. Of course, the helmet's another story. I'll keep saying it, those Chargers home and away are beautiful. Now I can get an authentic white one that missed out on in 2009 sans the TV numbers.
  16. Beautiful Job!!! Especially the home and away. 10/10.
  17. The Falcons really,really need to do the contrasting sock thing on the monochromes. Overall, it's a better look but that's not saying much with the 2004 look.Looking up at that picture of Julio Jones, you can really see how dopey the shoulders and piping look. The gradient is just stupid and too bad the throwbacks aren't the home unis. BTW, I think we can count on 1 hand how many time we will see the red pants That's over 5 seasons too).