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  1. I had never heard of the Streets before but based on their Wikipedia page, I'm not surprised they're not coming back: So by the NAL's logic, not having proper security and having players/cheerleaders getting robbed in the middle of the game is less detrimental to the league's image than said team not coming back on the field after literally being robbed. Looks like personal belongings weren't the only thing the Cobras were robbed of. The league stole a victory from them.
  2. This is more of an offer than it is a request, but I created a Nike Vapor football template earlier this year for the Uniform Madness tournament and I figured I'd share it with you all as well. AI Download link PSD Download link
  3. Cowboys wearing blue jerseys over their alternate white pants vs the Rams in white over navy
  4. OK but why did I read that with Gru's voice from Despicable Me.
  5. LOL I remember requesting that design when he was doing his redesign thread awhile back. I was going to school at the Ohio University - Zanesville campus for a year when he made it. I like how they didn't even crop the design itself.
  6. Hey all! It's been a minute since I've posted anything around here. Awhile back, I released a 2D Photoshop template of Nike's Vapor Untouchable uniform complete with three helmet views, two sock variations, and three pants options. That was about three years ago (!) and I figured it was time for the next step and bring the template to Illustrator. Below is an example of the new template in action, recreating the 2019 Oregon State Beavers home uniform. I've also included previews on what the templates look like once you open them. The Illustrator is based on Nike's uniform presentation on their website, while the Photoshop template remains relatively unchanged with the jersey being 'flat' and based on several older, similar templates. You can download either the Illustrator or Photoshop templates at the links. Feel free to open them, explore the layers, and let me know what you think as this is my first-time creating an Illustrator template. Illustrator Template Preview: Photoshop Template Preview
  7. Just down the street from my apartment, Tennessee Tech revealed their new uniforms today: Below is the Golden Eagles's look from last year. Personally, I'm not a fan of the change. The last set wasn't too fancy, but it worked. The new set already looks dated by comparison, the #WingsUp on the bumper is tacky (At least just put WINGS UP and be done with it), the small sleeve stripes are useless
  8. And as a Muskingum alum, I have to add GO MUSKIES. Gotta agree on the JCU update. The old one wasn't great by any means, but could've easily been refreshed like this: (shameless plug)
  9. Slight update for the Muskingum University Muskies (DIII - Ohio Athletic Conference) under new head coach Erik Ieuter and AD Steve Brockelbank. The team replaced the old football-specific, beveled, and over-shadowed MU logo for the athletic department's actual logo. Before: After:
  10. Hence why I said "or the light blue jersey + black pants combo". Both that and the combo worn against Pittsburgh are light-light-dark. The light blue jersey doesn't contrast enough with a white jersey
  11. I've been fighting myself trying to figure out why I like this set and I think I figured it out: they're playing Pittsburgh. The dark-dark-light color palette of Pittsburgh's home uniform contrasts with Carolina's light-light-dark setup. Pair this combo or the light blue jersey + black pants uniform against the Patriots' away look or anyone else with dark pants, and it doesn't work.
  12. That's too bad, but it seems like the company's been heading in that direction since dropping the handwritten-style font for the newer, cleaner, bolder font. ]lthough the only time I've used GoDaddy has been through my work's email system, I'll always remember the GoDaddy Guy though his involvement in motorsports over the years:
  13. It's only a matter of time until Vine references get twisted into play calling.
  14. Wrapping things up here in the OAC with Mount Union, John Carroll, Capital, Marietta, and Wilmington! -------------------------------- MOUNT UNION PURPLE RAIDERS Before: After: Purple metallic helmet with a slightly-oversized R logo Sword from the R appears on the jersey sleeves Single-color pants stripe on all pants options -------------------------------- JOHN CARROLL BLUE STREAKS Before: After: Kept the cross on the sleeves, left the helmet blank. If any team can pull off the classic look, it's JCU. New lighter blue applied to the uniform, JCU logo on the chest Added blue and white pants options for home, with the bolt pants stripe giving the uniform a modern flair. -------------------------------- CAPITAL CRUSADERS Before: After: Went a little Michigan State-esque with this one, using tapered striping on the helmet and pants. More-standard block font replaces the MSU ripoff Shoulder loops replaced with a sublimated, oversized primarily logo -------------------------------- MARIETTA PIONEERS Before: After: Brick pattern inspired by the historical city of Marietta, being the first settlement in Ohio, and the College's brick-and-mortar architecture *Gag* Oversized helmet logo stays, silver helmet becomes the only helmet Blue home pants option added -------------------------------- WILMINGTON QUAKERS Before: After: Wilmington has a mess of a uniform; It's like three different uniforms in one. Time for that to change Satin Lime helmet at home, white helmet on the road. Sleeve Striping forms a W for Wilmington Number font closely resembles the new logo --------------------------------------- And that concludes my Ohio Athletic Conference Concept Series! Thanks to all my fellow OAC alumni who have followed along and supported the series. As for my next football series... How about some MACtion?
  15. Guess who's back, y'all! With a long weekend and I'm now settled into my new apartment (now with WiFi!), the series continues with uniforms! OHIO NORTHERN POLAR BEARS Before: After: Made orange the primary color Adjusted the jersey striping to make it a complete stripe and removed the Oklahoma State-esque notch Applied the new stripes to the pants and helmet Polar Bear head replaces the ONU lettering on the helmet. ------------ Heidelberg Student Princes Before: After: Kept that sexy-AF metallic orange helmet Jersey striping based on the cape in the new Heidelberg logo Pants Striping inspired by the Heidelberg Clock on The Berg's Campus ------------ BALDWIN WALLACE YELLOW JACKETS Before: After: Emphasized sleeve striping rather than the shoulder loops (You'll see why in the next team) New Stinger logo appears on the helmet Added brown and white pant options ------------ Otterbein Cardinals Before: After: Slight update to the logo, replacing the yellow beak with old gold to match the uniform Gold helmets, pants, and drop-shadow numbers return No more wordmark on the pants or Oregon "O" on the helmet ------------ Muskingum Fighting Muskies Before: After: The school's "Long Magenta Line" saying plays into the creation of this uniform, as a literal long magenta line stretches across the chest of the jersey. Muskie appears on its own on the helmet Added a magenta pants option ------------ Up Next: Wrapping things up with Marietta, Mount Union, JCU, Wilmington, and Capital.
  16. Tegna's whole brand is a black and white TEGNA wordmark so it's not surprising they're applying that same minimal appriach to their local affiliates. I still get emails for job opportunities in the Charlotte area (I should probably unsubscribe from them seeing as how I found a job elsewhere...).
  17. I count at least 20 brands in this one picture. And to think there's room for more!
  18. "One lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank!" "Today's winning performance brought to you by Sunoco; Fueling Victories!" "Let's have a look at today's 5-Hour Energy Move of the Race!" Naming rights are everywhere in NASCAR, but the sport would be dead without sponsorship.
  19. Wrapping up the first half of this series with BOTH Wilmington AND my Muskingum Muskies! WILMINGTON QUAKERS Ya wanna know how bad Wilmington football is? Mount Union has more wins in the past two seasons (27) than Wilmington has in the past SIXTEEN (24). That's right. Wilmington is a combined 24-136 since 2002. In 2013, the college unveiled a new logo to create a consistent look across the board. Since then, they are 3-47. The rebrand came early in the team's 23-game losing streak between 2012-2014, which included two 0-10 seasons. Once the streak was broken with a week one win in 2015, it was reactivated, as the Quakers then went on a 19-game losing streak. 2017 actually looked promising, as the Quakers not only got their first win in 20 games, but started the season 2-1 with a week three victory over a struggling Capital squad. However, their winning ways wouldn't last, as the team ended the year on a seven-game skid, including a 41-7 loss in the season finale against Muskingum. With a newer, younger coaching squad having one year under their belts, the Quakers look to right the ship and muster up more than two wins for the first time since 2008. The Quakers have a unique double-green color scheme that they seem to utilize pretty well across their campus and branding. However, I have several issues with the logo outlined in the previous post: It doesn't look like a hand, the W isn't clear and looks like a wing, and emphasized the C for College much more than the W for Wilmington. And with the return and quick, satisfying death of the "circle game" meme, it creates some unwanted comparisons. CONCEPT LOGO: The new logo takes inspiration from the pre-rebrand Quakers identity, which used a QUAKERS scrip over a dark green block W. However, I wanted to keep the unique double green color scheme, so I made the primary W lime with the dark outline. The Quakers don't need to be fancy, especially in their current state. This return to a simpler time may be what the team needs to get at least to the middle of the pack and not 10 feet below the basement. -------------- MUSKINGUM FIGHTING MUSKIES AAAALLLLL HAIL MUSKIIIIIIIINGUUUUM, GLORRRRIOUS ALMA MATERRRRRR... THYYYYYY LOYAL CHILLLLLDREN, COMMMMMMMME TO DO THEE HOOOONNNOORRRR Muskingum was the best two years of my life. I met my closest friends who are like family to me. Without it and my time in the Communication, Media, and Theatre Department, I wouldn't have landed my dream job. I got the chance to call football games live on-air last fall, calling both victories in Week 1 and 10. It was frustrating to watch at times, yes. This team was like watching a roller coaster last fall: - A freshman, dual-threat QB who turned the ball over constantly - Two of the best receivers/play-makers in the OAC who did what they could to make plays - An impressive yet inexperienced LB-turned-RB who was injured early in the year - An experienced and explosive defensive front line - And a young, chippy, yet surprisingly secondary. Turnovers and coaching errors were what broke the team, as performance wasn't necessarily issue. The team easily could've been 6-4, as they almost came back against Otterbein, led early vs. Capital, had a last-second TD scored against them vs ONU, and above all, questionable choices late against BW in their homecoming game. After 14 seasons of mediocrity in the OAC, Coach Al Logan stepped away from Muskingum in late November, while Athletic Director Larry Shank announced his retirement just days prior. ORIGINAL LOGO: Muskingum University is one of the only schools in the United States to use magenta as a primary color. So of course, athletics decided to go with red who-knows-how-many years ago. I've been told by the Athletic Communication office this specific logo was only created about 15-16 years ago. From the looks of it, I would've guessed 25 at least. A magenta version is used across campus and some marketing platforms through the Admissions Offices, but it is not official... Time to change that. CONCEPT LOGO: This is the result of my Senior Capstone project last fall. After many discussions with folks in marketing, athletics, admissions, student involvement, students & athletes, and my academic advisor, this was the resulting design. The current layout is loved and recognizable across campus, so moving away from it wouldn't be right. Magenta is a unique color to the sports world and Muskingum should use it. The school's previous president Anne C. Steele stated in her first speech in 2000 that students who attend Muskingum are a part of the "long magenta line," which has been used by the University in every way, shape, and form ever since. Expect the "LML" to have a big presence in the uniform designs. Up Next: The Uniforms of the OAC
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