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  1. Wasn't sure where Requests was, but if you're looking for city ideas... Canada - agree on Quebec, Halifax...maybe add a second Ontario team (London, Windsor) or Victoria USA - Boise, Portland, Albany, or Fargo...Anchorage would be unique, but not sure any facility exists B.C. looks great! Uniform numbers a great idea.
  2. The State of Arizona unveiled not one, but six, new highway signs for motorists entering the state. They will reportedly replace the current ones that have been in place for over 30 years. This isn't a contest to select a winner as apparently all will be in use. No initial word on the location for each. They give off a national park poster vibe and are all very unique. Old: One of the New:
  3. A bit stunned at the Dolphins rankings, so adding my bias as a lifelong Miami fan: A - Vikings A - Seahawks B - Lions B - Jets C - Jaguars II C - Titans F - Dolphins II F - Dolphins I F - Jaguars I F - Buccaneers F - Browns When the Mid-American Conference has the State of Florida beat for a while, you know Nike did its creative worst. The Seahawks were the only design to abandon their heritage that scored highly on my list.
  4. A little closer to the font for LIV Nightclub in Miami (has a location inside Hard Rock Stadium as well). Marketing goldmine there.
  5. If you saw the Bucs at training camp at Walt Disney World in the mid-2000s, you may remember these practice jersey gems that Cadillac Williams and others wore. This is the jersey number style the Bucs finally need to adopt to distinguish the team in a postiive way.
  6. shark

    Austin FC

    "Unused Logos"
  7. For Los Angeles, surprised no one mentioned: Long Beach Poly (CA) Jackrabbits Illinois has a reputation for interesting high school nicknames. Personal favorite: Freeport (IL) Pretzels
  8. Agree with the earlier comment that this set and the feature of the darker blue color in jersey and helmet makes the Titans look like the NFL's version of the Toronto Argonauts. The helmet change brings back memories of the Bills switching to red helmets in 1986 just to make a change. Positives: Jersey number font (although too big), sword on shoulders, pants, navy as primary jersey Negatives: Helmets (non-creative use or transformation of logo on them + gray facemask), light blue uniforms, failure to change outdated wordmark
  9. The standard for the Miami Dolphins to this day...
  10. Miami and Adidas are introducing a new uniform featuring the Old English M.
  11. These and the old Bucks logo...yes, please. This is their best identity.
  12. ...and Homeboys from Outer Space!
  13. All that's left for the Cobras is to also bring back the name of their cheerleader group--the Snake Charmers. Nice update of the logo and promising for Maine as well.
  14. Good to see the new logo attempted to get the number of stars right with the mountain. As long as they're judicious with rights to some of the old UPN sitcom gems.
  15. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if the horsehead logo more popular with those that aren't Pistons fans than those that are. I don't personally know of a single Pistons fan from Michigan that wants this or anything remotely related to the color mistake from the 90s to return.