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  1. I don't like the white seperating the stripes in the patterns. Maybe a white stripe on the outside. For example, on the bottom trim of #6, leave the white on the top, but then have the grey, light blue, and navy stripes touching. Otherwise, definitely the "swoop" instead of the "checkmark." I do like the moose logo, for sure.
  2. EA's a bit off on a few things. Like the fact that they've (at least through 2002) used the Coyotes' typeset for the Wild.
  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again. Let's say Buffalo moves to Portland, for example: Portland to the Northwest Division Columbus to the Northeast Division Minnesota to the Central Division THE OLD NORRIS LIVES AGAIN.
  4. Yeah, you're a weirdo. I thought there was a slight pause between the two events, but my mind's like a steel strap--rusty, and illegal in most states. The new set is certainly --MILES-- better than the old red-splotched things, that's for sure, and I think most Blues fans would agree.
  5. Ok, I know gradients on jerseys are sacrelig, etc, but... Damn, those are nice. I love the logo. Great work.
  6. Those are... bright! I'd probably go with the lighter blue on the numbering, etc, rather than the navy. But, they're definitely interesting concepts.
  7. Ow, my eyes. The 70s are dead. Can we leave it that way?
  8. That's apparently such a new change that the AFL site hasn't announced it. Iiiiinteresting.
  9. There's one thing I've noticed that's a bit odd about the site... once a contest has moved into the past topics, you can no longer view the graphics. Is that supposed to happen?
  10. Really? I knew it swallowed the rest of those up a few years ago, but I was told that earlier this year that Mississauga had been swallowed up, too. It's probably for the best that it hasn't been, that'd make TO entirely too uber-huge.
  11. Bitter, party of two, your table is ready.... What's with this trend towards amalgamated cities, anyway? Toronto swallowing up Mississauga, Five cities combining to great Gatineau, etc...?
  12. It's a horrible name, based from a racial slur. Indians, Braves, Warriors, etc, are all somewhat respectful names (though, Chief Wahoo needs to GO GO GO). "Redskins" is a slam. SUMO!
  13. Looks like it's time for me to disagree with JQK... I mean, offer my opinions. (JQK: should we big guys sumo wrestle over it? ) NFL- Baltimore: Black Jerseys, (fits much better with the whole "Ravens" concept. being that ravens are black and not purple) Santa says No, and so do I. Chargers: powder blues Santa says Yes, but I scratch my head and wait for everyone to realize the 70s are dead and should be forgotten. Saints: gold at home Santa Says "Coal for you, for even thinking that"; meanwhile, I wonder if Santa's going to turn that coal into diamonds from being so retentive. Seriously, the gold jerseys were sweet. Panthers: electric blues Santa says Yes, and I emphatically agree. Redskins: make the throwbacks permanant. add a white one No... but why not? Get rid of the awful indian-head helmet. And while you're at it, get rid of the lousy name. Patriots: put Pat the Patriot on current helmets, with current unis He Would, but Mr. Kraft is naughty, so he can do nothing... But in the meantime, I say nay to the supposed Pat the Patriot, insisting that the current design is 500% better. Raiders: add a siver alt or go with all blacks as an alt Two lumps of coal; I'll add a few more to that. Ugh. Jags: keep the black pants, at least at home. Three... do NFL pants really matter? NHL- Caps- make "captiol dome" the primary logo, and make a blue(alt) and white version of the capital dome jersey A lump is taken back, and he says yes. In the meantime, I rip my hair out, wondering what crack makes everyone think that a logo with the bloody team name thrown across it is a good idea. Canucks- new logo. some sort of cartoony "canuck" concept. the logo doesnt represent the city or the team Santa says no... and I agree, slightly, but also agree that the team hasn't had a good logo yet. Kings- use old alts as homes Santa dosn't know what you mean, so he's gonna skip that one. I, in the meantime, got it, and do think the purple jerseys look better. The shoulder striping's a little weird on them, though. Flames- ditch the horse head. it looks liek it has a nose bleed. Santa agrees, another lump of coal is gon, you now only have 1. I agree also about the horse head, but the jerseys it currently adorns are quite nice. MLB- Rangers- bring back the Red Rangers. they had their "glory years" with those Santa wonders if you're on crack, and the police find the crack pipe stashed in with your pirated copies of Windows and your kiddie porn. :0 Orioles- switch to the cartoon bird head. replace "orioles" on the roads with "Baltimore" Santa says Yes on the script, no on the cartoon head. I say no to both. Mets, Astros, etc.- pick one home, one away, one alt. and stick with it! why do u need like 15 freaking combinations? Santa laughs like a bowl full of jelly, and agrees, all your coal is gone! After the earthquake, I nod in agreement. NBA- Wizards- go back to red, white and blue Santa says yes, Mockba yawns and falls asleep.
  14. Don't make me have to hurt you, STL Fanatic. Dear god, man, what crack were you on when you decided that putting that awful, awful, awful "BLUES" back on the front of the jersey would be a good idea? That makes the baby jesus cry. What next, a big spalsh of red? Oh, wait... [Note: most of the comments were made in sarcastic jest. True, I don't like the designs at all, but as a Blues fan, hyperbole was necessary here.]
  15. Is he no longer going to be using thesle.com? He should just be able to change the DNS records to point to the new server... </tech geek>
  16. "Phoenix Coyotes" sounds better than "Arizona Coyotes." However, "Arizona Cardinals" sounds better than "Phoenix Cardinals." Hm. Speaking of the Deadbirds, It's any wonder that Bidwell is a tightwad? (Ok, so I'm a St. Louis native and a little biased.)
  17. Snow- mmmm, that looks famliiar. Hooter Sportswear website, by any chance? I still say their original 3-D numbers were the Best Ever.
  18. Isn't there already a team in the NAHL called the Springfield Spirit? http://www.nahl.com/teams/sps/ I believe they moved from (suburban) St. Louis where they were the St. Louis Sting.
  19. Wow, I like a Snowcap design. What happened? (Kidding! Kidding! ) Only thing I'd do is lessen the angle on the shoudlers, so that it leaves more room between the shoulder trim and the sleeve trim. Numbers need to go in there, after all. And maybe lose the 3-D numbers/letters. Nice looking concept, though.
  20. As I said on the other board, the jersey design's cool, but I don't like the logo at all. I must be the only one around here that actually thinks their current crest is good.
  21. I like the concept, Roger, though I have two complains/suggestions: - One, the stars on the sleeves probably need to be a little smaller. Not much, but a little bit to make the primary colour (white or blue) stand out more as the primary colour. - Two, is there somewhere else for the team logo? I don't like the idea of having it on the bottom hem on the front. Otherwise, the concept's quite sharp, very creative.
  22. Considering how few posts this board usually gets, is a bump really necessary? Besides, it's the Fresno Falcons' logo. The colours aren't bad, though the white stripe could be much smaller. And doesn't Jagr wear 68?
  23. And here I was going to say how the stars were a bit much. *heh* That and the NHL shield on the end of the sleeves. I'm not a big fan of logos down there. You could probably get away with a large star in place of the NHL shield there. Otherwise, I surprisingly like it, even if it's somewhat based on the SJ jerseys.
  24. -kj

    Has it begun?

    CCM and Koho are the same company anyway, so it doesn't really matter which is on it. Ditto Jofa, the logo of which is on the officials' sweaters.
  25. In Phoenix's case, that'd be a good thing. The current full coyote's decent, but the coyotes head would be cool. (It'd be even sweeter if they could buy the logo from the Zephyr XLine and use that. That's sweet.) In Washington's case, it'd be horrible. The eagle logo is good. It's simple, yet sharp. The dome logo is one of the examples of something I hate in a primary jersey crest, for the most part--the name splattered on the logo. Fer chrissake, why?!