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  1. I just hope the chargers dont add the numbers back on the helmets.
  2. Dodgers stadium is likely getting the ASG in 2021 if there isnt one this year. Just push everyone, and the merch, a year back.
  3. Honestly? The LA RAMS logo would look amazing in an end zone and is a perfectly good wordmark. As a primary though? Try again later.
  4. 2006 MLB All Star Game (Pittsburgh, PA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTPpuSYQv6c
  5. Need To do some searching for 2000s baseball
  6. Liga MX suspended. http://www.ligamx.net/cancha/detallenoticia/34256/la-liga-mx-suspende-todos-los-partidos-ante-la-contingencia-por-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR39D23ATwf5DgDh-D1fUKrzmT7N2RKw2ozCGz2kpNQK_QGIXR2-32r585k
  7. I believe Qatar is scheduled for December.
  8. Liga MX is still playing. La LIGA MX / ASCENSO MX está en constante comunicación con la Secretaría de Salud y, de acuerdo a la última información proporcionada, nuestro país se encuentra en la Fase 1 de Prevención y Control de COVID-19. Este primer escenario no implica, de acuerdo a las autoridades, un riesgo en desarrollar partidos a puerta abierta. Google Translate The LIGA MX / ASCENSO MX is in constant communication with the Ministry of Health and, according to the latest information provided, our country is in Phase 1 of Prevention and Control of COVID-19. This first scenario does not imply, according to the authorities, a risk in developing open-door matches. https://ligamx.net/cancha/detallenoticia/34224/indicaciones-de-prevencion-y-control-del-virus-covid-19
  9. See/know of any in Prince William County? Might grab one after work tomorrow.
  10. As per above... Mac Tournament closed to general public
  11. Ligue de Football Professionnel declared all Ligue 1/Ligue 2 games be played behind closed doors until April 15.
  12. 16 would be wonderful. Two conferences of two divisions of four teams.
  13. Nothing but a bunch of Klingons these mods. Or would you prefer the Romulans?
  14. I still would call the new look a downgrade. Logowise, it is an upgrade for sure. But killing off the traditional socks was awful, and the thick stripe also not a good look. My ideal would be to take the 2015-2016 jerseys, slap the new logo on it and call it a day.
  15. Soccer to CFL isnt a terrible switch I'd imagine. Just a case of removing goal posts and repainting lines. Baseball has been done, but the harder switch. Nothing unheard of though