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  1. Oilers had it PERFECT here And then decided to screw it up. Adding a copper alt would also have been really nice. That, or (less good but still really good) would be switching to the copper set and having the royal/orange be the third.
  2. That's the side effect of it, but the goal is the 13 stars on the Betsy Ross flag(which is also the shorts "buckle" logo)
  3. I'm good with a play in round between say, 8 and 9 or even 7 and 10. No more though.
  4. I hate the seeding round idea. If it was added onto the regular season sure, but this now means nothing.
  5. I wear the crap out of my jerseys, especially my soccer ones. My other sports I wear on gameday, but I'll wear a soccer one on gameday and literally anywhere since it's practically a teeshirt.
  6. I generally, at least in baseball, buy a hat for the team and that's about it. Own a Phillies hat because I went to a game. I'll wear it if I go back and "cheer" for them, but cant call myself a fan at all.
  7. Honestly, wear yellow/gold pants all the time and you'll have a servicable home uniform for the next five years until you can go back to the throwbacks. Best they can look? Nope. Need to change back ASAP? Yup. But it'll make them meh instead of blech.
  8. Except of course, if you're in PIttsburgh where a vast majority would call them gold.
  9. Brewers should stay royal and yellow. Someone needs to own a great royal and yellow in the majors. Too beautiful of a color scheme not to be used. Even as navy, the Padres were close.
  10. Yup, I’m a Xolos fan. Yup, I expected losing 4-0 to Club America. Yup, this still hurts.
  11. Angels are welcome to LA, but should be referred to as LAA in the scorebugs and the Dodgers should be exclusively referred to as L.A. In a weird sort of way, I dont know how I would feel about the Orange Angles. Dont think I'd like it, but
  12. I just honestly see them as a sad casualty in this due to the Marlins being idiots.
  13. Cut out both the Phillies and the Marlins. Marlins should be stripped of their first five draft picks for the next 10 years, given a fine of no less than 1mil per player infected, and have all their games forefited.
  14. Pirates have one cap, and should only have one cap. Yellow P on a solid black cap. Nothing else is needed. Yes, this included the black P on mustard and the pillbox caps. All unnecessary. (that said, I am a sucker for the old BP hats having the yellow brim/ black P outlined in yellow. But BP is different, not a game hat)
  15. So am I guessing that the "home courts" idea is dead, or just not being used for the practice games.