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  1. I loved going to California and seeing Ralph's, which I then realized was just Kroger. Down to the fact that they sold kroger branded products.
  2. I prefer yinzerification of a thread, but true.
  3. This is true. I'm used to coming into downtown via Arlington/Station Square so it's the view i'm used to. That said, PJ McArdle is an awful road
  4. So, I know that Fort Pitt gets all the fame but for my money you can't beat the Liberty Tunnel then Bridge for the view. That and coming back on the 79 and seeing from a distance.
  5. Oops, had them switched in my mind. It is the black ones that need a stripe added.
  6. I love the black and silver more than the purple and gold kings. I'm in camp of add a hem stripe to the white and call it a day.
  7. reddit says they’re stacked. https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeyjerseys/wiki/adidas-styles no pictures, but I trust it because there’s pictures for everything else. also, customization is outsourced for the caps to exclusive pro sports. Nothing done in house, besides maybe minor repairs.
  8. Ugh, not a fan. Starting to be a fan of NNOB at home, and NOB for the roads.
  9. So, they pulled off a game in LA without a hitch and they couldnt here. Makes these even more of a OITGDNHL moment
  10. I've lived in Pirates with vests and Pirates in sleeve and tbh I just dont care. I think sleeved jerseys are easier to sell, and I would much rather see the Pirates sleeved than in a cutoff jersey rather than a proper vest.
  11. Honestly, tradition dictates button downs and that's a pretty compelling reason. There also havent been significant issues related to the button downs, so it's not really an argument of function over form either.
  12. And in French, it is referred to Rugby á XIII
  13. I dunno, I kinda like that the crest isnt recolored. I get that it's normal thing to do and I own and like shirts with a recolored one, but still.
  14. I'd rather have pullovers than fake buttons. or a two button.
  15. I like the DC one. Serves same function that a white kit does, but looks a lot better.