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  1. I’m a fan of ties in soccer, hockey, and football. but baseball? Im in full agreement. I hate the push already to HR or K, and this would make it even worse.
  2. Anyone have numbers on how big of an issue this really is? I feel like(no data) that games generally get done within 10 or 11 innings, and even fewer make it past 12. seems to be a solution to something that, generally, isnt a problem.
  3. I'm against it, but it's not far fetched.
  4. Yes he is, but imagine if all the players did this now? Would speed things up.
  5. Belgium league recommending ending the season, and using the current table as the final.
  6. I saw NESN floating around July 4th. That gives about 91 playable days, which you can make a half season out of (even including 10 days off) AND have playoffs start on time. Wish MLB would just have a team swap leagues for a year(Mil or HOU, preferably) and go with a 16-14 split. That way it could be organized easier and eliminate interleague play for this season.
  7. Virginia is the same way. More working age than retirees, but a large number of residents(myself included) moved in from out of state and keep our allegiances. See lots of Pats stuff down here, but not as much as Cowboys/Steelers
  8. aaaaaannnndddd that's what i get for skipping a page and not reading. My apologies.
  9. Bills will never, and should never be a red first team. Red is associated with the Patriots, and Bills fans would hate to be associated with the Pats. Even the red color rush isnt terribly loved. That said? Wouldnt mind a return to red helmets, just never full time red jerseys
  10. I just hope the chargers dont add the numbers back on the helmets.
  11. Dodgers stadium is likely getting the ASG in 2021 if there isnt one this year. Just push everyone, and the merch, a year back.
  12. Honestly? The LA RAMS logo would look amazing in an end zone and is a perfectly good wordmark. As a primary though? Try again later.
  13. 2006 MLB All Star Game (Pittsburgh, PA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTPpuSYQv6c
  14. Need To do some searching for 2000s baseball