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  1. What I want: Ireland Australia Japan France Anything needed to stop the All Blacks from winning AGAIN im good with. Aussies? I want the english to lose to anyone, save NZ. Japan: While I'm soft towards South Africa, it would be great to break up the old boys club. France? Always cheer for France internationally.
  2. While it isnt a traditional baseball look, the green pants looked really nice.
  3. and it would be made better with the red being outlined in blue Also with the regular hats, but that is just me.
  4. their blue hats are one of those things that, for me, i know they shouldnt be wearing but i love them anyways
  5. only thing that matters is each league having an even number of teams. MLB worked this year for years, before the(in my opinion) ill fated idea to require year long interleague play.
  6. Or, change nothing. Timbers already use green and gold as do the A's. No reason to change.
  7. Things I hate about this uniform. 1. The collar 2. Uh, i think that's it. Honestly? While it is an improvement taking away the Vancouver script, the old canucks jerseys also looked really nice.
  8. This is a weird thing where i think it'll look better if they do have the home pinstripes.
  9. They don't, and those replicas that do were done by a third party. It's a way to push fans to buy authentics. Same reason that replicas don't have sleeve patches. Want to buy the exact match, better pony up for the authentics.
  10. As much as I both hate minor league clones and love preserving the Salt Lake City Bees? I'd love to see this, even as a minor league As takeover.
  11. Possibly unpopular opinion: I love love love their current blacks, and plan on buying one when they go on sale.
  12. I'm going to go ahead and say it. I HATE the boat logo, and the A shield is superior in every way. Could I be convinced of a boat logo that is better? of course. But it hasnt happened yet.
  13. Should go, on a rotating schedule. North, East, south, west for bye weeks. Both AFC and NFC divisions have byes same week. Make it weeks 8-11
  14. First ones a blown call. From the picture you showed? Second one is incomplete 100%
  15. I like the eagles in the dark green as well haha. That said, Id like to see kelly replace black, or even use the midnight green replace black, and kellly become primary.