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  1. here's mine: Seahawks Baseball Comments please. By the way, I use Microsoft Paint (updated: as of 3 AM March 8)
  2. hey avenger, are you affiliated with the blue knights of DCI? i follow DCI all the time
  3. Here's mine: Club name: Tampa Bay FC Nickname: Thunderbolts Sponsor: Cingular Wireless (not sure if its based here in Tampa, but its very popular) C&P
  4. im working on somthing too, and by the way I'm taking Tampa
  5. i placed a name plate on my design, so i guess you can consider it an update
  6. heres mine....please remember that I use microsoft paint. i hope that you all will not be biast to judge mine. thanks (c&p) please let me know what you think?
  7. outlining the razorback on the away shorts would make one hell of a concept
  8. i agree with unimaniac, ive lived in tampa since the bucs switched color schemes and ive never seen one
  9. what are you hinting at you have any?
  10. i totally agree, you got hosed
  11. dont be surprised about the spelling of gwizzlies, this is the ABA we are talking about here
  12. i like the modernized logo, but like stated earlier, maybe make the logo on the black jersey white.
  13. some teams TATC jerseys looked nice, i think they should create Turn Back the Clock Sundays (kinda like Hardwood classics nights) where home teams wear retro jerseys on sundays at home. what is your side on this topic
  14. Id have to agree with NJTank, the recognizeability of the NFL would attract fans in general. I mean if i were an NFL fan in the greater Toronto area, i would absolutely love to see a traditional team like the Packers play my home team.
  15. colts to LA, LOL maybe chargers to LA too
  16. there are 3 colors, white, gray and black
  17. i highly doubt that the NFL would creat a 3rd NY team before giving LA a team
  18. ok thx, you can close the topic now
  19. what type of file do i have to save a picture that i want to put in as my avatar? thanks again
  20. ok, I updated mine STL, any other comments from anyone else (i will take any and all comments, good or bad) c&p
  21. heres mine..... c&p