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  1. Yes. Huh... I could have sworn I put that down... Your human. Mistakes happen. shoot how do you think i got here.
  2. You sir are one of the many people who i would call a combo of Fix it Felix and Midas. Everything you touch turns to gold and if needed you fix things right up. Kudos man
  3. Is it legal to save all the images so you can change at any time or use for personal use.
  4. 2 quick things 1 is oakland part of the SF Bay area in this one and 2 MUST FOLLOW THREAD
  5. How do you make the score board graphics. they look cool
  6. Thanks. I appreciate it. Was thinking of doing something like this for Pro Sports later. Sweet. I Take it only the big 5 (nfl nba mlb nhl mls)
  7. Just saw this thread and so far so good. Love with you did with the stripes on Ottawa. Can't wait for the sharks
  8. Im going to go out on a very big limb and say Jamaica
  9. The only team I liked in the echl was the sf bulls before they folded. However these designs may soon (minus the hometown aspect) change my opinion. (Don't get me wrong still a sf bulls fan) these ALL look better than each team's current look. Never cease to impress. (Ive said this with other threads to so) KEEP THIS THREAD GOING
  10. The only one I find bad is Seattle's. I think a little more could've been done there (yes I know im being a massive hypocrite based on my previous posting habbits) other than that its a "marvel" to behold?