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  1. Texans @ 49ers 2005 Week 17 - This is the only time the Texans played against the 49ers with their old late '90's-2000's uniforms
  2. Any way we can get leaks and force their hand to unveil the unis early just like the Falcons? I'm really looking forward to seeing the new-look Chargers. I've heard their unis are the best of the new bunch for 2020.
  3. A red version of the Jets' helmet finish would look good IMO.
  4. Black w/ pinstripes is back again?
  5. I agree with you about the blue socks. The all-black with blue socks really makes the blue color pop even more on their jerseys and pants.
  6. In honor of Tony Parker announcing his retirement, here he is in his last season and first season with the Spurs. Both are with the wrong Spurs wordmark.
  7. I agree. I think it's when teams share similar colors (especially dark colors) on two out of the three uniform elements (helmet/jersey/pants). It becomes too overwhelming. Actually, just having one team go monochrome automatically becomes overwhelming.
  8. And bring back the waistband stripes as well to match the jersey sleeve and neck piping.
  9. The Spurs' outlineless font on their jerseys doesn't match up with the double-outlined numbers anymore. Also, the numbers on the front of the jerseys are too small compared to what they used to be.
  10. I always thought those old Jaguars white pants would be perfect for the Ravens' current unis. Just switch the teal with purple and they'd be so much better than what the Ravens have now.
  11. Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars, September 10, 2006. Only time the Cowboys have won blue against the Jags and also the only time Dallas has played in Jacksonville during the regular season.
  12. I'm talking about modernizing that 80's set without being tempted to add black back in.
  13. If the Jets can somehow figure out how to modernize their 80's set without including black then I think they'd have a winner. Something along the lines of what the Vikings and Dolphins have done with their 2013 changes.
  14. I see your 90's photo and I raise you Ravens @ 49ers November 17, 1996
  15. 1998 was the last year of the Saints' gold numerals on their road whites. They switched to black numerals for 1999 and modernized the Fleur-de-lis in 2000.
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