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  1. Somebody pointed this out to me which I though was pretty funny.
  2. The bucks should only wear black at home, when the black court is available to be used. The heat were able to get away with not following the uniform schedule so the bucks should have too, that night.
  3. My prediction would be that because fiserv forum has a concert tommorrow and a bucks game again saturday on their normal court, it would be too much work for the arena to bring the black court out. Obviously that wouldn't make much sense since they have to take the court apart anyways, but thats just my theory.
  4. I kinda feel that way too. I still like the logo but the uniforms seem like any high school team could use it as a template and nobody would know.
  5. Im sad that none of them are official.
  6. I'm just glad the nba removed the team sponsors from the jerseys for tonight.
  7. I never thought they would use that logo outside of promotional material. I would still prefer a entirely seperate court design for the hickory color scheme.
  8. The pistons are only wearing royal twice this month(one of those games are at home) and twice again in febuary.
  9. I felt like I was watching 4 teams play at once.
  10. Annnnd I now no longer find the pacers jersey attractive. Strange how a simple ad with do that to ya.
  11. I liked the adidas verison more because the navy and white gave the uniform more contrast.
  12. It has felt like the pistons barely wear their whites and royal blues anymore, which is a shame because both the statement and city jersey suck.
  13. Looking closer at the bucks earned uniforms. The "gray" part of the uniform is just the lower half of the jersey.
  14. I love all of the earned set but for some reason I have a soft spot for washington's...