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  1. LOL at all of the FootyHeadlines comments. “Nike have no creativity!” “It’s the same stuff every year!” I guess they’re just damned if they do keep traditions, and most certainly damned if they don’t.
  2. In fact, you can, because you’re right.
  3. I don’t think the NFL is ever going to fall that low. NASCAR’s only true foothold is in the southeast, while the NFL is popular all over the country. Plus, as bad as Goodell is, he’s nothing compared to Brian France. That man seems driven (haha puns) to run NASCAR into the ground.
  4. I'm not sure about football, where you're under tons of pads and stuff (so it may not matter at all), but when I'm playing soccer in the summer, the heat (which is already terrible, usually around 95 degrees with high humidity) is way worse in our navy jerseys than our white ones. Almost everyone we play wears white or yellow primary jerseys, just because the difference is that noticeable.
  5. New England also wore white against Toronto. Because navy vs red is apparently a clash, I guess.
  6. I think the best way to do colored seats is how Daytona International Speedway does it: From a distance, it looks like the entire grandstands are full, even if no one’s there, because of the seats all being different colors. I could see a team like the Padres doing this, but in brown-yellow-white-grey-navy (to cover most colors Padres fans would wear). If the Rays didn’t have all-navy seats, but instead specks of white, grey, and light blue, their games probably won’t look as empty.
  7. With the Chicago draw and now this loss to Montreal, it looks like the Orlando City we all know and love is back and at it again. Hey Dwyer, you apparently ”score when you want!”, so please want to score more. We know you got one today, but was it so hard to not want two (or even three) more?
  8. Ah, yes, the “we’ll only be at Yankee Stadium for two years” model.
  9. I’m expecting all-white at home, but pink-black-pink would be the ideal look.
  10. Or, you know, the Jets requesting new “hip with the kids” uniforms, and working with Nike throughout the design process to make sure they get what they want. I don’t see this with any other manufacturer. So, why is every single thing Nike does seen as them forcing their designs on helpless teams, but if any other maker is involved it’s correctly seen as the two working together?
  11. I feel like the current kits should be something to build off of. All white at home, sometimes with red hoop-like designs, but never full Waldo like 2012. I would actually pick royal over navy, if only because I think it looks better. Alternate between red and navy away - no black like 2016.
  12. Great job regarding the Magic! One thing, though - could you try yellow wordmarks (instead of white), as a call to the yellow on the city flag? I also echo others in asking for the “Lake E-O-la” on the flag to show up somewhere.
  13. Agreed, but in my experience, it’s not the stadium, but the broadcaster. On TV27 (The local broadcasters of Orlando City games), they can look like a wide variety of colors, from magenta to navy. However, on national-broadcast games by ESPN or FS1, they always look purple, as they should. However, baseball games are shown from a very different angle than soccer games are, so it could just be sport differences as well.
  14. I personally liked the 2013-17 design from the neck down, but I understand there’s a lot of people who didn’t. I’m back and forth on the new look - sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, and most times I’m somewhere in the middle. It really depends on the combo - teal with white pants looks great, as does black (I even like the monochrome on players where they wear their socks super high, so they look like solid white - it breaks the “yoga pants” look). White/white or white/black is awful. Those combos are just too plain, with no teal to be found outside of the Nike logo (which you don’t see unless you’re looking at it from the side, and even then it isn’t that significant of an element). I’d also like to see some gold on the rest of the uniform (not just the helmet).