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  1. EDIT: Actually I'd rather not get into meaningless online fights. Ignore
  2. I don't hate it by itself, but it's not good for FSU.
  3. Because they start with the predetermined conclusion that baseball in Tampa Bay (or Florida as a whole) is inherently doomed to fail and then work backwards from there.
  4. Let's not forget the Game 1 Magic. However, let's forget what happened in the rest of those series.
  5. Which is funny, because Love's has been a sponsor in NASCAR for a long time but their cars don't look anything like that jersey.
  6. "Alright, fine, the Grizzlies beat the Warriors, whatever. We'll just do everything in our power to make sure the big market team they play against in the first round wins. Speaking of, who do they play in the first round?" "Uh, they play the Jazz." "...damnit."
  7. Pretty hard to do that when you're not the 8 seed anymore.
  8. I really like Atlanta, Chicago/LA/Brooklyn are alright, Miami never should've seen the light of day.
  9. Wait, you can do that? I've been on here for close to 5 years and I never knew that was a thing. That's so convenient. Thanks, lol.
  10. Nope. They've already done the clearance firesale of the Vooch/Gordon/Fournier jerseys, these were all Bamba/Isaac/Fultz/Ross.
  11. Yes, exactly why it’s disgusting.
  12. I could tolerate gray, but City in blue and orange? Disgusting.
  13. Go crazy with Vice in the alternates, fine, but IMO the regular Heat look has reached iconic status and they should never even consider moving away from it.
  14. I hope they bring those back as well. Unrelated (and slightly depressing) side note - 4 of the 5 players in that picture no longer play for the Magic, and the one that still does didn't see the floor at all last season.
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