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  1. What's the point of the black uniform there? From any distance it'll just look like the normal navy aways but with flipped shoulder stripes (if anyone even notices that). The rest of them are nice, though - I'm even alright with the gray. Definitely an upgrade.
  2. The answer to that is always yes, regardless of the context.
  3. Doesn't look like Florida. Not at all. I don't like it.
  4. I wish the Magic would get rid of the weird curved pinstripes and get ones like these. Great job from Indiana.
  5. [/startrant] City played with 0 urgency the entire game. The one goal we got was super lucky. Nani directly cost us a goal by lying on the pitch and doing :censored:all while they went on a break and scored and then missed the later PK that would’ve tied the game. Kamal Miller was useless, he may as well have been a plastic dummy. Actually, that probably would’ve played better than he did. The refs sucked, although they did get one call right - that was definitely a red, what was he thinking lunging like that? And lastly screw r/MLS for being all “lmao have fun getting covid” when their states are doing worse than we are. GOD I’m salty. [/endrant] Anyway now that I’m done with that, congrats to New England. They were the much better team today. Honestly? Go win the Cup. Or at least make it out of the East. Losing to the team that wins it all is worth something, right?
  6. One of their best looks with the current set. I like it.
  7. And the helmet can't be white. You can do dark-medium-white, medium-dark-white, but not white-dark-medium or white-medium-dark. Someone's going to post the Wyoming uniform in response to this, or the Chargers blue over yellow. Yes, those are also bad and both are (or would be, in Wyoming's case) better with white pants.
  8. The Big 12's already shown that, if given the option of BYU or no one, they will choose no one. If they're out of the picture, the only other power conference that makes sense geographically is the Pac-12, who also will never take them due to their religious affiliation (and, while this is just speculating, I don't think Utah wants BYU on an equal level to them again after decades of being the "little brother"). That's not even taking into account the not playing on Sunday issue. Basically, assuming the bridge between BYU and the Mountain West is irreparably burned, there's not really an option other than staying right where they are. Which, as long as Gonzaga doesn't jump for greener pastures, I think they're probably alright with. They get to be Mormon Notre Dame in football while also being in a surprisingly strong basketball conference (well, the rest of the conference sucks, but Gonzaga and St. Mary's along with BYU put the WCC in the upper tier of midmajors).
  9. You’re right, that was the most MLS finish possible. Love it! It was announced 7,000, but I was there and it really looked like more than that. I’d say it was at least half full, which would be around 12,500. Sounded like it was full, too! Man, I just can’t believe that. Those types of games never go our way. Until now, at least. Wow!
  10. I LOVE being right!!!! HOLY :censored: WE WON A PLAYOFF GAME OH MY GODDDDD