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  1. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to make it this far. Vamos Orlando, only one more to go.
  2. Nobody talked about them because of how awful the team is, but Rutgers had one of the best looks in the Big Ten over the last few years. The new (old?) uniforms are fine, but not nearly as good as the set they're leaving behind.
  3. Painfully generic. Take off the name on the front and that could be any red/white/blue team in college football.
  4. What's with 56's socks? Ignoring that, powder over white is easily the best look of this set, and that's saying a lot considering how good the others are.
  5. Those would be better without pinstripes, but it's still really nice. Hopefully this leads other teams into using more unique colors (be it powder blue, sand, the dark gray that the Diamondbacks have, or anything else) for their aways.
  6. It's been two hours and I still can't believe it. This is just incredible. Wow.
  7. What really makes it look like a knockoff to me is how the stripes don’t go all the way up to the sleeves nor all the way down the shirt. Almost all of the cheap fakes of jerseys with the side stripes are like that.
  8. I still don’t get why they made the Nike/Jordan logo white when there’s no white anywhere else on the jersey.
  9. It’s incredible how much better they look now.
  10. Ah, that will do it. Generally I like league wide fonts but I wish teams had full control of the colors like MLS, instead of being given 5 or 6 pre chosen colors like the PL.
  11. The Magic local broadcaster (Fox Sports Florida) hasn’t put ads or team logos onto the court. I had no idea that was happening. Looks awful.
  12. Gold with a black outline works for the sponsor, so why not the number as well? Makes no sense.
  13. Those last two teams are quite similar even before the fact that they both have VW as their sponsor.
  14. Shows how much this template improves by getting rid of the raglan sleeves. It's still bad, but so much better.
  15. This is a good read on the process behind naming the team. One interesting tidbit is that they favored Metropolitans early on but the league said no, due to the Metropolitan Division’s existence.