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  1. Rutgers had more passing yards than points... and they only had 1 passing yard.
  2. Nike wasn't even the producer when he was in Miami, and wasn't for all but the last year he was in Cleveland.
  3. Oh, so the Bulls got the pinstripes that the Magic didn’t. And they’re proper pinstripes, not the strange half-pinstripes the Magic have on this set.
  4. That jersey was not designed for a silver helmet. Not a great look.
  5. Well, for one, nothing but a logo on the front will always be terrible. Plus, while the galaxy print may look okay (at best) close up, it muddles from any distance and simply looks navy.
  6. So the Rays get to play a stupid one-game series to see who gets systematically demolished piece-by-piece against the Astros. Fun!
  7. To piggyback off of @upperV03, here is the full Magic schedule: Home: Association (White): 9 times Icon (Black): 10 times Statement (Blue): 8 times City (TBD, some combination of grey and/or orange): 14 times Away: Association: 16 times Icon: 15 times Statement: 8 times City: 2 times The Magic will wear both the home whites and away blacks (ugh) more times away than at home. The new blue trash will be worn 16 times too many, while the grey and orange City jersey will be the most frequent look at home. Houston will wear their classics against us, which is great for a good-looking matchup but sucks for fans old enough to remember the 94 Finals, a group which I am pretty clearly not a member of.
  8. It’s clear that the Seahawks were designed to wear monochrome, as opposed to simple mixing and matching like other teams (the Titans and 2013 Jaguars were also designed for monochrome, I think). It looks fine, although I still prefer grey pants.
  9. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse...
  10. Oh. Oh my. Um, wow. That’s awful. I hope no one buys that trash. I’m glad I got my blue jersey when I did, even if it has Fournier on the back.
  11. Easy fix. Goodell becomes a flat-earther. Then that problem is gone!
  12. would’ve gotten it wrong anyway Cleveland vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Houston Washington vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Detroit New England vs. Buffalo Tampa Bay vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. Denver Minnesota vs. Chicago Dallas vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  13. White pants look bad with the blue uniform because everything else is grey.