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  1. I agree that black over white looks good. If they can have the self control to wear contrasting socks, I think this will grow on me over time, even the monochrome. The gradient is awful and I hope they never wear it.
  2. I was never the biggest fan of simply rolling it back to the old look... yeah, I was wrong. These instantly jump into the top tier of NFL uniforms, and are easily the best Nike redesign (if we can count it that).
  3. Yesterday the number of clown suits in the NFL went down by one, so the Falcons decided to fix that.
  4. Hey, everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a concept here, mainly because I was never able to finish a project that I started. However, now that I’m stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I thought I would get back into the concept business with one of my favorite sports, college football. I took all 130 FBS programs, threw them into a random list generator, and Oklahoma State was the first to do. So, here they are: OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS With these jerseys, I looked to combine several eras into one distinct look, and I think I have it. Helmets OSU has always been simple with their helmets, and this concept is no exception. White and black, both with the OSU logo on the side. The white helmet has an orange facemask to add a bit of color and pop, while the black helmet also has a black facemask. No stripes, because I couldn’t figure out how to do the taper and I like their plain helmets anyway. Jerseys Here, as I mentioned, a few different looks from over the years are combined. The Northwestern stripes of Barry Sanders, the tapered trapezoids of the early 2010s, and the current number font come together to create a unique, but still classic, look. The stripes on the home orange jersey are black-orange-white-orange-black, the stripes on the away white jersey are black-white-orange-white-black, and the stripes on the alternate black jersey are orange-black-white-black-orange. All three have a contrasting collar and cuffs, in the color of the outer sleeve stripes. Pants The pants remain simple, with the white, orange, and black stripes matching the sleeves and an additional gray pair (to only be worn with the away jersey) keeping the white jersey’s stripes. Why keep the gray if it’s nowhere else in the design (except for the outline on the black helmet)? No real reason, I just think it looks good. Combos Almost every element can be mixed and matched with each other. However, white-orange-black, white-black-orange, and the gray pants with any colored jersey is banned. The “primary” combos will be white-orange-white, black-white-gray, and all black. Hope you all enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with a new team to show off!
  5. That one has a navy background for the helmet and pants but white for the jersey. The away jersey is a good example though.
  6. How much worse could Nike do? Adidas has been completely botching it for the last few seasons.
  7. I think the only other teams that it would work for are the Rams and Bengals, since they have easily recognizable helmets without a logo. Anything else would just be a logo encased in a helmet, which at that point why not just have the primary be the logo *on* the helmet?
  8. Purple or green vs gray would be awful. Red probably wouldn’t work either. Maybe something like the old Nuggets powder blues*? *Unrelated: the Melo-era uniforms were the best the Nuggets have ever looked. The rainbow is incredibly overrated and just bad all around.
  9. On one hand, it's fun as a fan to see teams wear different uniforms, especially your own. Why market the orange "city" jerseys, meant to shout out the local citrus industries, so much if you're never going to wear them at home? Instead of Lakers @ Magic always being purple vs white, it can be yellow vs blue, white vs black, and so on. On the other hand, it was nice to have consistency - you could explain to someone that's never been to a basketball game that the Magic are the team in white, that's who you want to cheer for. Now, they could be in white, black, blue, or dark gray and orange. Depending on the matchup, you might not be able to tell who's who simply judging by the uniform (of course, there's the court, the scorebug, etc to look at, but you know what I mean). It's fun to see the Pelicans wear Mardi Gras colors, or the Nets with some weird multi colored trim, or the Heat in a Miami Vice getup - but at the same time I miss the simplicity of how things used to be.
  10. I’d go with a straight helmet stripe and the wave pattern done by @Poffsicle on the sleeves and pants.
  11. The Patriots already have the answer. Put some silver pants on that and it's perfect.
  12. And now MLB.
  13. Well, if it wasn’t clear already, it is now. Sports is done. All conferences except the MEAC (as of me typing this) have cancelled their tournaments, with the NCAA likely making the decision later today to cancel the big one. I won’t be surprised if/when the NHL suspends the season. After that, all the leagues remaining will fall in line eventually.
  14. If there’s gradients involved, this could get really bad really quickly. Especially in the uniforms. I just had an awful vision of the numbers being a yellow and gold gradient, or even white-yellow-gold.