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  1. Once again Atlanta is the golden boy and everyone else should feel honored to be in their presence. Surprised LAFC didn't get a third as well, then both teams that MLS and the media slobber over would have one (and maybe play each other both wearing them).
  2. Orlando hasn't even put out any teasers yet. We'll be getting a new purple kit this year, and judging by what they've put out since 2018 it'll probably will be another super plain purple and white look with no gold whatsoever.
  3. The silver thing on the chest looks like the collar/shoulder seam on the new template that Oregon used last year. But it's clearly still Vapor Untouchable due to the triangle on the back, interesting.
  4. The original Avalanche font? Interesting choice there.
  5. The Rams are so close, it baffles me how they missed at all. In these very poorly photoshopped images (in spoiler so I don't flood the topic with pictures), I have changed exactly 4 things: - Removed gradient on the numbers - Changed all bone elements to white - Changed striping on bone (now white) elements from white-yellow to blue-yellow - Changed socks worn with blue pants to white Lo and behold, it's a top 10 uniform in the NFL, maybe even higher, and a great modernization of the classic look.
  6. Well, he moved on from simply asking to be banned to doing something to make it happen. Good for him, I guess.
  7. Record-setting? What's so special about black and green stripes?
  8. Another factor to consider is that the Bucs wore red over pewter earlier this year against Kansas City and lost. They might want to wear white for that reason. I do think they'll wear red, though.
  9. It'd be better without the white shoulders. Overall nice look though, definitely better than the normal set.
  10. Who needs unique colors when you can have black?
  11. I know these are just jackets that can be secondary colors (see Seattle, among others), but wouldn't it be something if after the yellow wars last year both Columbus and Nashville dropped it.
  12. I remember when people said this about the Rams and Falcons. They're the Bungles. They will always bungle it.
  13. I can see both sides of the red vs white argument for Buffalo. Red is more distinctive to them specifically, but the streak blends in with the helmet. White is less unique, but the logo is clear and IMO it fits their old school classic look better than red would. Overall I think I'll have to give the slight edge to white, but the Bills could announce they're bringing back red tomorrow and I wouldn't hate it at all.
  14. I can't believe they kept the mismatching stripes. It was terrible 50 years ago and it's even worse now, since they had the chance to correct it and didn't.