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  1. Wyoming State University Founders WRONG LOCATION ON HEADER! WILL FIX SOON
  2. Goodwell Christian University Addax I'm not too sure how I feel about the Addax (which is a type of antelope, I think) I like the colors and the logo is ok but I'm already thinking about ways to improve it as I dont think it looks as good as it could. Here I used some of the Phoenix Sun's color palette instead of coming up with my own like I had for the first two teams. C&C for the Addax is very welcome!
  3. University of Florida at Three Lakes Gillmen Team 2 baby! I wanted to make a green/ swamp themed team so I made the Gillmen whose branding is based off of the 'gillman' from the 1954 feature film 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' The Gillman as a mascot is supposed to resemble a swamp monster/ man hybrid.
  4. Eagle County College Avalanche Dogs First team! I based the 'AvDogs' on a hat I have from Vail, CO which depicts a dog similar to the one I made for the primary logo. The secondary is derived from other merch I have from Vail, I think it might even be the official 'avalanche unit' logo.
  5. North American Collegiate Athletics (NACA) Hockey Concepts In this thread I will be adding my concepts for (made up) colleges and their hockey teams. This is going to be a long project I imagine and so far I only have a couple teams complete but I plan on making somewhere between 20-50 (maybe more?) teams across North America (not just the US) which will populate multiple 'conferences' or divisions. I also plan on making peripheral graphics for league logos, etc. My main goal for all these teams is to create a unique brand based around non-traditional mascots/ team names and color schemes! Central American Conference Eagle County College Goodwell Christian Wyoming State Kansas Agricultural TBD TVB Sun Conference University of Florida at Three Lakes TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD MORE TO COME! (HOPEFULLY)
  6. I kinda understand the mismatching colors on the cowboys current unis (brought back for historical reasons? I'm not really sure), but a more consistent use of colors makes a lot more sense.
  7. I rlly like these for the caps. Their unis have been stuck in the early 00s forever IMO, these are clean/ modern but remain on brand. nice stuff
  8. the jazz colored ones look even better i think. great work (new blue and green unis)
  9. I really like these uniforms, they look great. A lot of all-star game logos I find to be over the top (though I can understand why they are made that way) but I really like the note/ nba logo integration.
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