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  1. I think that the Nets have a underrated jersey set
  2. My teams are Yankees Navy Blue NY Giants Royal Blue Nets Black Notre Dame Navy Blue Marquette Noyal Blue So 40% Royal Blue 40% Navy 20% black
  3. I think until the early 2000's when adidas got all the teams in 2005 or 2006
  4. wouldn't mind seeing the 92-02 black jersey come back
  5. I hope the accessories bs will blow up in their faceand bring back color on the jerseys and i think that they will be black pants on back
  6. I still think it's better it's my opinion
  7. I think this is the best set the warriors have had since run TMC
  8. This is a new forum for 2020 NCAA basketball uni changes/news
  9. Does this mean a white Coogi unit next season
  10. I can't be the only Yankee fan that wants a navy alternate. The gray jersey is so boring. Like the Twins they should have a navy city name jersey
  11. Maybe they'll change next year for 2020
  12. The original pelicans uniform set was boring af
  13. those have been released for a while now