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  1. well, there's this https://www.ebay.com/itm/353336709936?hash=item5244825330:g:2wQAAOSwtDNf7PDT and this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/362800847138?hash=item54789d9922:g:QLIAAOSwUrZdviLl
  2. The Bruins, Celtics and the marathon are also Boston institutions. I don't think we should be measuring city-ness by what business travelers choose to see (Faneuil Hall would probably be number 1, anyway). Especially in light of your original point, which included the phrase "to a Bostonian", which is what these city uniforms are all about.
  3. I think Celtics and Bruins fans might disagree that there's "nothing more BOSTON to a Bostonian" than a Red Sox uni. And while you may wildly disagree that this is a city uniform, that WAS Nike's intention. That, and to make money of course. You believe Nike failed, but I understood the connection, and appreciated seeing a fresh take.
  4. I guess that was my point. Nice looking uniform? Check. Represented Boston, but not necessarily the Red Sox? Check. They are not supposed to be Red Sox colors. For one day, this was a City of Boston baseball team. I fear that if you're expecting the coming city uniforms to match the various identities of the clubs, you're gonna hate most, if not all of what emerges.
  5. Now that we've all seen the Boston city uniform on the field, does anyone feel differently? When I saw the reveal, I said "WOAH!" like the rest of you, but the uniform itself is gorgeous, IMO. And it passed the real test of looking great on the field, too. I think a lot of you missed the whole point about the City Connect series. This is not a Red Sox uniform. It was not meant to fit in with Red Sox branding. It's a CITY OF BOSTON uniform that the Red Sox are wearing. Great idea, great execution. I'm sure I'll be disappointed with some of the upcoming releases, but we'll have to do or homework to see how well each city has been represented.
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