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  1. I heard they're working out former Chargers kicker Younghoe Koo, which makes sense. After all, we know Robert Kraft isn't above paying for a Younghoe.
  2. Yeah, but they tried the other model - it was called the MLS Reserve League - and that was a lot worse. This one probably helps the MLS 2 teams more than a dedicated reserve league would. Besides, we look at Germany and Spain, just as examples, where "2" teams are in the regular pyramid (they just can't get promoted above a certain point.)
  3. Okay, here's the easy way to tell if they're independent. Do they play in the Open Cup?
  4. Philly was trying to put their II team, Bethlehem Steel FC, in the Lehigh Valley and did in fact sell tickets. They're only playing in Chester this year because USL won't let them play a full season in Bethlehem at a stadium that doesn't have lights.
  5. Agreed, I'd take a 12-1 Pac-12 champion USC over any team with the same number of wins that isn't a conference champion.
  6. No arguments there - which is why I would love to see things that improve access for the little guys.
  7. Tell you what. How about we expand to a 16 team playoff, with the ten conference champions, and say the six best conference runners-up? Would still be fair, given any team in any of the ten conferences could win all their games and be guaranteed a shot at the national title.
  8. I'm hoping, as I always do, that the best four conference champions get into the College Football Playoff. That's really how it should work every year. Don't win your conference? Then you're not good enough to get in.
  9. NYCFC haven't clinched the East yet. A win over Columbus on Sunday for the Union, and a loss to New England by NYCFC (and note, they're without three of their better players), and it all comes down to Decision Day in Philly.
  10. I'm actually disappointed that it's SoFi Stadium. Given it's shared by the Rams and the Chargers, wouldn't Dodge Field be a better name?
  11. I actually like Notre Dame. What I don't like is every time they're semi-good, everybody goes running as if it's the second coming of Knute Rockne. A little humility would do the team some good. Like, for instance, leaving them out of the CFP in favor of, y'know, actual conference champions.
  12. Hey, I'm trying to be objective. They don't exactly play the same kinds of schedules that a Power 5 team plays. And until they do, I really can't see them being a part of the CFP. We've seen what happens when they play elite competition - that was last year when they got curbstomped by Clemson. Or do you forget the last time they were in the national title game and got embarrassed by Alabama?
  13. I think we can put to rest the idea of Notre Dame being at the Power 5 level with their disgraceful performance tonight. Good luck ever getting into the CFP again.
  14. Could THIS be the news that @Bucfan56 has been waiting for?
  15. Watch these have a "PLAY GLORIA" on the inside back neck.