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Ricci to Phoenix


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Yeah wierd days in the NHL eh? Recci in Pittsburgh to boot...... wonder what the Sharks 7th man will have to say about this? :hockeysmiley:

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its ironic that he signs in one of the cities where he was hated so much

I know one sharks fan who will be upset and start predicting doom and gloom for the team. ;) However I dont see that happening

bottom line is, I feel the Sharks have gotten out of Mike Ricci about all they could. I really cant see how he can help this team any more then he has in the past. Also he makes a fair amount of money when compared to other players on the roster. Money that can go to assuring that players like Patrick Marleau, Jonathan Cheechoo, Brad Stuart, and Marco Sturm will be here long term

So to Mike Ricci I say: Thanks for the memories, thanks for giving us what you gave us. But its time for our team to move on and youre not part of the plan. At this point of his career he could offer the Coyotes a lot more then he could offer the Sharks.

the same can be said about Vinny, whom I expect to sign on somewhere else any day now.

What got the Sharks to thier first 100 point season and first appearance in the conference final this past season was that the young players were finally being held accountable for thier play and for the direction the club was gonna take. this past season was just the start of it, and this upcoming season (assuming there is one) that core of young players (marleau, sturm, cheechoo, stuart, hannan) will assume more responsibility. Also there are young players like Milan Michalek and Marcel Goc who have made legit pushes for roster spots, and its not wise to hold them back because a roster spot is being taken up by a wily, yet aging and high salary veteran.

Is it a bummer to see Mike Ricci leave the Sharks? Yes

Is it a bad move on the part of the Sharks to let Ricci walk? No

thats my story, and Im sticking to it :hockeysmiley:

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Ricci & Recchi--both move--how many papers and sports shows thta only think they know hockey will get them mixed up?

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SJ fans, he Ricci the kind of guy you hate when he is playing on another team, but you love him when he's on your team?

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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Reech was the one guy that wouldn't quit on the play. I've seen him come out and give all he could. With that said, he had a very rough year last season. He was coming off back surgery where it was still bothering him until opening night. He has had shoulder problems, and I suspect that this year was no exception.

However, this is a big blow to the Sharks, IMHO. This was the one guy fans looked at for the type of guy you would want on your team. Gritty, determined, dedicated, into one goal, the Stanley Cup. Despite Patrick Marleau having the C now, and Ricci's 10-game stint with it the sign of slow times at the beginning of the year, he was the leader of the Sharks.

But in a way this is a blessing in disguise. When chatting with ICS, this does give the youngsters who have been waiting to get to the big show, to finally play for a full time roster spot. However, that dillutes what's left in Cleveland with injuries bound to happen throughout the season.

Now with Phoenix signing him, this will cause three things to ponder if and when the NHL season starts...

1) Will the 3 Coyotes fans still say Ricci's Ugly like they did in the 1st round of the 2002 playoffs?

2) Is Patrick Marleau really ready for the pressure of being a leader, let alone captain of a team that reached the Western Conference Finals last season?

3) There is some speculation on how well the ownership group is doing. Not really a panic mode yet, but if the team stays relatively the same (pending the salaries of their restricted free agents) this team will have slashed another 25% in their payroll, knocking it down from $39 million to $30 million. They also let go of popular radio analyst Pete Stemkowski and have decided not to replace him. Also the team still lost $7 million last year despite 9 playoff home games. I have left it on the back burner that a long lockout could destroy mid-market teams like San Jose. Let's hope it doesn't completely destroy them.

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I have left it on the back burner that a long lockout could destroy mid-market teams like San Jose. Let's hope it doesn't completely destroy them.

*smack smack smack smack smack*


The club is gonna be okay. Letting Ricci walk is NOT repeat NOT the end of the world! :hockeysmiley:

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