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Alabama Big Al Neo-Vintage Logo


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I prefer the hat, but I don't think that's the issue at hand here (if you'll pardon a bad pun). The real issue, for me at least, is that Big Al has elephant feet and people hands, making him look like something from the Island of Dr. Moreau. That, coupled with the slightly awkward body positioning, make for a logo that falls short of its full potential. There's a lot going on near the head and chest, and then mostly empty space behind that.

So a few suggestions: you could solve the man-hands, elephant feet problem by giving Al shoes - that way we wouldn't see his feet. You could also alter the logo so it's his trunk, not his "hands" rolling up his sleeves, and then give him regular elephant hands (if that even makes sense). You could also ditch the rolling up of the sleeves altogether and come up with some better pose to indicate "we's gonna get in a brawl."

Hope that makes sense. And for all the criticism, I must say, even as a card-carrying Buckeye, I think this is fantastic. Keep the good stuff coming.

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