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Adidas NBA Adobe Illustrator Basketball Uniform Templates


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Hello all,

Recently I have been struggling to find a realistic NBA template for Illustrator that I can use for my basketball concepts. With no luck finding a fitting template, I decided to create my own to use, and would love to share it with you guys! In return, I only ask that you give me credit when you use it for your own work, and I can't wait to see it out there! There are five total templates, with each NBA franchise falling into one of the designs. Here is how each team falls.

Template 1

–Los Angeles Lakers

–Miami Heat

–Dallas Mavericks

–Toronto Raptors

–Detroit Pistons

Template 2

–Chicago Bulls

–Cleveland Cavaliers

–Boston Celtics

–New York Knicks

–Portland Trailblazers

Template 3

–Milwaukee Bucks

–Golden State Warriors

–Indiana Pacers

–Orlando Magic

Template 4

–New Orleans Pelicans

–Brooklyn Nets

–Houston Rockets

–Memphis Grizzlies

–Philadelphia 76ers

–San Antonio Spurs

–Denver Nuggets

–Minnesota Timberwolves

–Oklahoma City Thunder

–Utah Jazz

–Atlanta Hawks

–Charlotte Hornets

–Los Angeles Clippers

–Phoenix Suns

–Sacramento Kings

–Washington Wizards

Template 5

–Sleeved Design (template 4 collar)

And here is how they look:






And here is the link to the files



–Trent Daniel, tbdaniel15

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Uhhhh, yes.

Dude, in my 3 years of doing concepts I've done maybe...4 basketball concepts..don't get into it really. Part of it has to do with that I don't follow the sport but I also feel the design aspects usually aren't to my liking, but this template..wow. I'm definitely going to be making more. Beautiful.

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Fixed a couple of issues with the templates I released. First off, the mesh dots were causing my computer to lag and causing a lot of loading to do any action with that layer, so I fixed that issue with the update. Also, I added the mesh to the sleeved jersey template. Thanks guys! Let me know if there is anything else that could be done to improve the sets.


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The only complaint, and it's something very small that I did myself, so if it doesn't bother anyone else you might not even have to worry about it. But I just grouped all the stitching for each part (front, back, and both shorts) just so everything is easier to navigate to on the Layers and so I know where I'm putting everything.

Again, other than that small and meaningless thing I had a lot of fun. Did a couple concepts last night. Trying to refine my basketball concept skills.

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