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Primera División de Argentina by Under Armour

Dave Ship

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...and then they will find the link.

These look really good, again. Great job.

You forget the number one rule of internet forums: always be a d_ck to everyone.

These are amazing. I'm not a huge fan of the black stripe at the bottom of Estudiantes, but I don't know if that's historical so it's more of a personal preference than a critique of the design. Nice work!

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Man how'd you get that transparent material, it looks AWESOME! 100 stars out of 10! But seriously if you're gonna start a new thread, have something to show.

Are you really telling a somewhat "veteran" member how to do things? The link is there, even on my phone I saw it. However the link doesn't work on my phone but that isn't anyone's fault.

It would be nice not to see the same comments from year old members who think they have been around enough and mature enough to do to others as older members have done to them when they were new. I see this way too often now. Everyone is too quick to take that cheap shot.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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