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BIG NHL EXPANSION PROJECT (Saskatchewan completed 28/7/15)

Christian Legault

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Hello everyone, I have a big project for you that i've been working one for a while. I made concepts for 6 new possible NHL teams.

1. Québec Nordiques

2. Portlans Mountaineers

3. Hamilton Beasts

4. Seattle Sasquatch

5. Halifax Schooners

6. Las Vegas Silver Bullets (hopefully there isn't any controversy with gun control and all that stuff)

I am Willing to do 2 more teams with your suggestions!

This is all for fun, just to see what the brands would look like.

Here is a teaser of every team, and I'll post them one by one.

Which team are you most excited for? I'll post the one with the most buzz first!


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Thanks Guys so here it is, the Seattle Sasquatch

The Hershey Bears In the AHL have a visual brand of just brown, so i tried to recreate that with this team. The Logo is essentially a squatch head, with a subtle tree in the forehead. (I think this is my logo that needs the most cleaning up). The jerseys also feature trees in the pattern, I tried to make the stripes on the arms "Modern". What do you guys think? What team should I post Next?



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I like the trees integrated into the striping. The logo is also very nice looking. You sure don't seem to be a beginner. Overall, this is what I'd like a Seattle team to do for real.

Thanks , and I'm not a beginner in a sense where this is my first time designing, I've been doing this for a year, but this is my first legit big project. Thanks for the kind word though.

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Alright Guys, I'll look to change and adjust the logo according to the comments after I post every team so I can get all the feedback I can to adjust the aesthetics of every team according to popular opinion.

Keep the comments coming, leave what team you want to see next, but for now, Here is Portland

So essentially, i wanted a classy visual for this team, simple look, roundel, and really simple jerseys. As you can notice, mountain ice caps in the "M" Pretty straightforward and probably IMO the most boring of the pack.



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^I agree with the above comment. A little more white might help too. It's in the logo after all and I think it would look good on the uniforms. Also, will there be 3rd jerseys after this is all said and done? Next up, I would like to see Halifax.

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The sides of the "M" in Portland's logo have the appearance that they slant inward. I think that of you have them slant out a little it will fix that. Other than that the logo looks really good.

I agree with jmoe12 about the hair looking feminine the sasquatch.

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My vote would have been for Halifax Highlanders, but that's a really great logo and uniforms. Not sure about the split numbers but I like everything else.

Thanks, Reason being is that Sparky Chewbarky has already made a concept for the HIghlanders, Just wanted to change it up!

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