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San Diego MLS concept


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What's it for?

I like it but I have to say that the circle shouldn't blend with the banner. Give it an outline to seperate the two.

Thanks I'll take that into consideration

San Diego expansion into the MLS? Good job, even if it's not.

Yea idrk what it's supposed to be, I just decided to make dorm concept for my city

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It bothers me that the TIDE FC does not follow the shape of the ribbon. Also, the ribbon is pretty huge compared to the the nickname, you could space the letters a little more.

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Just some advice...next time you post a concept, a little more information will help. "A concept" in the title tells us nothing about your idea.

You should also go into more detail once you actually post the image. A description and context makes a big difference for comments and critique. A logo may look great as a youth league or minor league team, but horrible as a major league team.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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