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Cinnranian Stock Car Racing Association (Hand-Drawn) #18 Car Uploaded


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Well, its been a whole since i last posted a concept on here, but i decided to start something new. If you have looked at my other baseball series, you know Cinnrania is my fictional country that I created a while back.

History of the Cinnranian Stock Car Racing Association: The Cinnranian Stock Car Racing Association, or CSCRA for short, was invented in 1985 when a wealthy Cinnranian business owner went to the US to attend a NASCAR race with friends. That man, Doug Harmon, became hooked. Using his connections from his business background, In just a few months, Mr Harmon had a NASCAR-like association set up, with just one professional devision, the Cinnranian Championship Series. The cars driven would be models of cars driven on the road, and for each race there would be a field of 25 drivers (todays field is now 40). Back then, there were only 15 races each season, and there were very few fans of the sport. However, over time, the sport became more and more popular, and today it is the Cinnranian people's 3rd favorite sport behind football and baseball. The series has evolved as well, and you can learn more about that below.

Today: Today, the CSCRA has two tiers, The CBank Racing Championship (essentially the Sprint Cup) and the CSCRA BluCommunications Series (think Xfinity Series and CampingWorld Truck Series combined). The CBank Racing Championship runs the same cars as the Sprint Cup Series, and the BluCommunications Series runs the same cars as the Xfinity Series. Each series runs a schedule of 35 races. Unlike the Sprint Cup series, there is no cutoff for who can win the title. Instead, the driver at the end of the season with the most points wins. Points are earned by each driver with 40 points for first place, 39 for second, and so on. Each season at the halfway point, the fans vote their favorite drivers into the All-Star race, and at the end of each season there is a showdown between the top ten Cbank Racing Championship drivers and the top ten Sprint Cup drivers.

General Info: I will post each driver's main paint scheme in numerical order until i complete them all, when i then will create special paint schemes for certain drivers. I may also post track designs in the future. I will first post the cars from the CBank Racing Championship and then the cars from the BluCommunications Series.

Without further ado, i give to you the first car!

Driver: Joey Gase

Number: 1

Manufacturer: Toyota

Team: Tony Jones Racing

Sponsors: Ohia Hotels, Tradenet, Bic


After a short NASCAR career, running one race in 2015, Joey Gase decided to join Tony Jones Racing for the 2015 season after being offered more money to race with them as well as the idea of having more opportunity with that team. Gase took over after the former driver, Aaron Smith, left to join another team. As you can see, Gase drives the #1 Toyota Camry, and is sponsored by Ohia Hotels ( Cinnranian equivalent to Holiday Inn), Tradenet (online trading site similar to ebay), and the office supply company Bic.

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Oh hey, you're back in the concept game once again!

I don't follow racing at all, but these are some pretty nice-quality concepts! Feel free to use any of the companies sponsoring my Alton soccer teams for your cars! :)

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I may get hooked on this,as a big racing fan.

Also,is there a Marcos Ambrose or Max Papis in this?

Contuine on,this is gonna be great!

thanks! I did intend for Marcos Ambrose in this series, as well as other failed NASCAR drivers such as Reid Sorenson, etc. Max Papis might come on a part time driver in the future :) once again, thanks for the support!

Oh hey, you're back in the concept game once again!

I don't follow racing at all, but these are some pretty nice-quality concepts! Feel free to use any of the companies sponsoring my Alton soccer teams for your cars! :)

Haha yeah i am! thanks for the kind words! I was actually going to ask if i could use some sponsors, and feel free to request some!

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Today i give you the 2 car of Reid Sorenson!

Driver: Reid Sorenson

Number: 2

Manufacturer: Toyota

Team: Aaron Motorsports

Sponsors: Duracell, ACE Hardware, Milwaukee Tools, 3M


After a fairly unsuccessful NASCAR career, Reid Sorenson made the switch to the CBank Cup Series in 2015 for more money, more opportunity, and a better team. This is actually a new car for the 2015 season, as powerhouse Aaron Motorsports decided to add one more car to the team. As you can see, Reid drives the #2 Toyota Camry, and is sponsored by Duracell, ACE Hardware, Milwaukee Tools, and 3M. You probably have noticed the odd placing of the contingency stickers, and this is because the team wanted all of the design on the side of the car to be visible, as well as to give the team a unique look among the other cars.

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I Love this series


I like it.... Very nice. Maybe just add the top view of the car to you template so we can see the whole car's look

Thank you! Ive attempted top views before and failed. I will eventually try it again but i think i will stick with this for now. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Am i still getting 48

Yes. I am making the cars in numerical order so it will be a while but i can assure you you will see the 48! :)

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Today i bring you the 3 car, which has some resemblance to a NASCAR classic.

Driver: Mike Peters

Number: 3

Manufacturer: Chevy

Team: Parson Racing

Sponsors: Wayne Beer, Buffalo Wild Wings, Valvoline


Before the season began, veteran driver Mike Peters announced his plans to retire from racing at the end of the season. Peters drives for the 2-car team Parson Racing in the #3 Chevrolet. Peters' paint scheme has a faint resemblance to Bill Elliott's Coors scheme from a while back, and he is sponsored by the iconic beer company Wayne Beer, sports bar Buffalo Wild Wings, and Valvoline.

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today i give you guys the #6 car, with sponsors, driver/ driver info, and number from cubsfan2015!

Team: Wilson Motorsports

Car: #6

Driver: Nick Randolph

Sponsors: Xala Energy Drink, Earl's Beef (beef factory, think Jack Link's), Ford


The 2007 ROTY, Randolph is a force to be reckoned with, with 45 wins in the series and 2013 champion with 8 wins. His team owner, Rick Wilson, raced for Morgan McClure in NASCAR,founded the team in 1997 and quickly became a hurricane. Randolph drives the #6 Ford Fusion with a light blue gradient running the length of the car, and he is sponsored by Xala Energy, Earl's Beef, and Ford.

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After a small break, i present you with the 11 car!

Team: Phoenix Racing

Number: 11

Manufacturer: Toyota

Driver: Josh Wise

Sponsors: Phoenix Tools, HomeHelp, Dogecoin


After a deal in NASCAR fell through during the 2015 season, Josh Wise made the jump to the Cinnranian series, and joined the new Phoenix Racing team. Dogecoin decided to carry over their sponsorship, and he is also sponsored by Phoenix Tools and the home improvement store HomeHelp

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