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The BEST Grey Cup Games EVER! :D


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A few months ago, I did a thread about the WORST Grey Cup games, why not one in the other direction, the BEST ones ever? Let's take a look:

1972 - The final GC game played in December, and it's special in that it was the first time in CFL history (in its present configuration established in 1958) that the host team won it; thanks to an Ian Sunter field goal with no time left, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats thwart the Saskatchewan Roughriders 13-10, sending the Ivor Wynne faithful in a frenzied celebration.

1976 - Once again, sorry Roughrider fans (of Saskatchewan) come up on the short end of the stick here, because this is when Tony Gabriel made his famous catch to seal the last Grey Cup title by an Ottawa CFl team, 23-20, Ottawa. It was quite a back-and-forth struggle to the end.

1981 - Prior to this year, the last time ANY Ottawa team appeared in the big game. And what an epic one we had! Amidst a poltically-charged backdrop (over the National Energy Plan, loved by eastern Canadians but HATED by Albertans, but that's another story altogether), the 5-11 Ottawa Rough Riders, the WORST team to even reach the final, didn't play like an underdog, taking a 20-1 lead at halftime. But, then the Eskimos made a furious comeback, and it was clear that the Eastern Riders were playing in over their heads, with a Dave Cutler field goal winning the Esks their fourth (of five) consecutive GC titles 26-23.

1983 - The first GC game played indoors, and you couldn't ask for a more exciting game. Both the host BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts play a back-and-forth battle, but the 31-year dry spell for the Toronto Argonauts ended, thanks to a Joe Barnes-to-Cedric Minter TD with little over 2 minutes left, with the final score 18-17.

1987 - On the 75h anniversary of the Grey Cup, the Argonauts and Eskimos get engaged in one of the most exciting battles of the 1980s, with the lead changing hands FIVE teams, and among the highlights was Henry "Gizmo" Williams' electrifying 112-yard TD return on a missed field goal, and Jerry Kauric sealing the deal with his field goal, 38-36 Edmonton.

1988 - The first 'all-Western' GC game, and both the BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers give the crowd in Ottawa an exciting matchup, but the defining moment of the game (and it pains for me to say it, as a BC Lions fan), was Matt Dunigan's end-zone pass that was intended for Jan Carinci, landing in the arms of Winnipeg LB Michael Gray to deny the BC Lions what would have been a comeback win, 22-21.

1989 - Third year in a row. All I will say is: Tony Champion, then Dave Ridgway delivering the kick heard round the world, to give Saskatchewan their second Grey Cup title over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 43-40.

1994 - The first time the GC game became an international affair. The BC Lions and the unnamed Baltimore CFL team, and the crowd in Vancouver was cheering more than just the Lions, but an entire NATION. Lui Passaglia established himself as the hero, booting a 38-yard field goal to keep the Grey Cup from leaving Canada, 26-23. The following year would be different, however.....

Well, that's as far as I can go, with the 20th century. :D Anybody got any 21st-century GC games they'd consider the "best" ever? :D

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1987 - that game was the greatest football game I'd ever witnessed, & arguably remains today.

I'm talking in football terms, akin to Montreal-Red Army hockey, & Cincinnati-Boston game 6.

The 1980s gave us a lot of epic GC games. :D

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I'd put last year's game up there just for the amazing finnish.

There have been plenty of awesome finishes, though several of those entire games weren't as memorable.

What I remember about '87, & mind you I was a just a kid, was the Eskimos & Argos while the cream of the league's crop, weren't even beastmode all time teams. They were simply both very very good teams colliding at the right moment in history. That's a recipe for a great game- when 2 hungry teams looking to break out over the other.

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I'd have to say for me it was the 97th Grey Cup with the imfamous too many men call on Saskatchewan. I remember being crushed when Duval missed the first kick but then the flag came up. Then I was quiet when I saw the flag... and then jumping for joy when Duval got moved 5 yards closer and made the kick (and scaring awake the Japanese exchange students who had just arrived that morning from Japan. Don't think they knew what was going on). That had to be one of the most exciting games I've ever watched.

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I won't claim any knowledge in this area, but as long as I've watched the CFL, I've always wanted the Grey Cup to be decided in the final minute by a rouge.

Actually, the 1975 Grey Cup was decided this way when a missed field goal by the Montreal Alouettes' Don Sweet proved to be the margin of victory for the Edmonton Eskimos, 9-8.

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