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Cambridge Lions - Conceptual Hockey Team


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Hello folks of the concepts boards! It's been awhile since I've posted something I've really worked hard on. Over the past two weeks I've been practicing my drawing for logos. I feel like sice I've started the improvement is uncanny. Now I'm at the point where I want to hit the next level of making great logos. So, this was just a small project just to play around with the idea of eventually taking on a big conceptual project.

Look at Brandon Moore and Sparky on this site, those are the type of in depth conceptual projects I want to do soon. Something where I spend a couple months working on the whole entire brand of a team. For right now though, I'm just going to do some small ones to continue practicing my design skills.

So for this post I introduce to you the fictional hockey club - The Cambridge Lions -

The full project can be seen on my Behance page

(I'll shamelessy plug in my link here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/32703883/Cambridge-Lions-Conceptual-Hockey-Team)


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A really nice set that is definitely really modern, while still seeming to be classic. I also like how you added included yellow in the color scheme for a team called the "Lions", but kept blue as the main color. All in all, the logo is nice, and it's a great concept overall.

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^ shot in the dark, but Cambridge's minor football teams are known as the Lions.

This is correct. All in all it has no real connection. I made a team called the Lions a while ago and in connection to the University of Cambridge having a lion on the crest I decided to place it in an American Cambridge.


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Very nice concept! However, I do have a hard time reading the lions word mark though. It maybe just me, but the letter I looks as if it wants to join the L so that it could be read as BONS rather than LIONS. But still, A great use of color for your hockey team and all around a nice presentation.

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I meant to comment on this earlier...

Great wordmark.

You've done a nice job of tweaking the Olde English while maintaining its elements.

The colours and unis are very sharp.

The logo's really good but looks a tad compressed horizontally.

How would it look if you stretched it out a bit?

Nice work W.

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