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Seattle Stom recolor logo


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Ehh, this could look really dry on the court thanks to Adidas' terrible jersey template...as a matter of fact, it looks pretty dry now. I always liked the 90's Sonics' colors and the way the Storm utilized it later on (using red as an accent rather than a secondary color), so I'm very sad to see it go. Honestly, if they absolutely had to change, I would've rather seen them switch to a color scheme more in line with the Seahawks/Sounders/Mariners - it would go better with their name.

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As a long-time Seattle sports fan - I disagree. This is an obvious salute to the Sonics, since it is becoming clear the NBA has no desire to facilitate the return. I love the green and gold (yellow). Hopefully it shows a bit brighter on court and in the uniforms. Always though the Sonics name and colors would look great on a Seattle based NHL team as well.

The Sounders share the bright green, but use it a bit different than the Seahawks. And the Seahawks use the dark blue different than the Mariners. Nobody says the Yankees need to share colors with the Giants and Knicks. Or the Patriots should be in Kelly green. It is the WNBA, but I see this as a good gesture towards the city.

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