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Chicago Fire Redesign


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I figure one thing, if the Fire had something crappy like the old San Jose Clash, or were simply Chicago SC, this would be an upgrade.  Unfortunately, compared to the real thing, this is aggressively bland.  It'd either be seen as a terrible Cubs ripoff or the Seinfeld of crests: a symbol that didn't symbolize anything.  The real thing, by contrast, take away the text, and people would still see it and think "Oh, a firefighter tribute."

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There's no need to love or like their current mark, but it's definitely striking and therefore unique. It's absolutely distinguishing. Whereas yours is just a roundel logo (no offense, because personally I like roundel logos) that might probably become an alternate mark for the club at best. But as the significant primary logo, yours would be a huge step or several steps in the wrong direction. I think another issue is the fact that the team's name CHICAGO FIRE consists of only 11 letters. Means that you have a lot of unused (blue) space which (that's my opinion) makes the roundel logo look even more bland, more specifically never really looks good in general.


If you want to continue working on your roundel logo, I would suggest


– consistently increasing the space between the letters,

– replacing your font (Arial) with a different, more appropriate typeface. Arial is one of the worst fonts to choose from for graphic design projects,

– enlarging the "C" to get rid of some of the unused gray space and

– giving the enlarged "C" a white outline to gain more contrast

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