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Hollingsworth High School Sabers Logos (C&C NEEDED)


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So, today I had a snow day and I've been drawing these blueprints for a fictional high school so today I decided to create the school.

I called it Hollingsworth High School because of it's location on Hollingsworth Pond.

The main campus includes the basketball court and football stadium and then there's an off-campus complex with the rink, fields and performing arts center. 

Without further ado, here are the

Hollingsworth Sabers.

C&C is welcome and uniforms will be coming.







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Here's my take on it. For what it's worth anyway. That sword barely reads as a sword. The hilt looks like spikes and the handle lacks definition. The shield logo while I can appreciate the three dimensional look you were going for just looks as though it was flat and then folded in half.


As for the positives, the two color S is simple and clean, there is a school in my area that uses pretty much the same thing except with a slant in the color divide. I also like that you did a campus layout, very neat.


I look forward to seeing your updates.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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