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PLA | Minneapolis City SC Rebrand

Go Red Sox!

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Another soccer team rebrand. The PLA's Minneapolis City SC definitely has the worst logo that I can recall – I don't even know if one should actually call it logo in the first place. When I saw it a couple of hours ago, I thought it was meant to be a "creative" placeholder for the real mark. They also have an alternate mark which is as weird as the main logo.








Yes, that's their official logo, no placeholder.























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23 minutes ago, XenonDesigns said:

Wow, anything is better than that thing. A 2 year old could make that in a minute.

Your design is again extremely solid. I really like the roundel. Have you ever thought about sending any of these logos to the club? 

Ill second that^^

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Thanks, guys! 


@NoE38: I'm not sure if I'll design unis. Chances are 50/50. Same goes for the Georgia Revolution rebrand. Maybe some merchandise stuff.


@XenonDesigns: No, I haven't thought about sending them my redesign ideas. But I'm sure they don't want to change their identities because of various reasons and they're happy with their own logos.


@Whittier S: I salute you back!

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