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MLS series by Chippers. (Mutiny Added)


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DC United


Home kit - The three stripes across the chest is inspired from the first kit they ever had. 


Away kit - The kit features two stripes down the side taken from the flag of the district of Columbia.


C&C Would be class.

DC United.png

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Home looks great! Away could use a couple of tweaks. I like the double red stripe, but I would get rid of the DC flag jock tag. That just breaks things up unnecessarily. You could work three red stars in on one side of the stripe if you want, but really the two stripes would probably suffice. As well, on the away, you've got black trim all over, but I think the one place you could add it to really tie everything together would be the collar.

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New York Redbulls


Home - I think their home kit is a little cluttered. So I simplified it. Little detail of the red and black detail on the collar to hark back to the Metrostars era.


Away - As we are in our 20th of mls if a team has a history of being an original team one of the kit will have a throwback feel. This one has a similar pattern to an early Metrostars home kit.


C&C would be class






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Philadelphia Union


Home - The home kit has sky blue and gold pinstripes. Decided to try and take them in a new direction. The jock tag is the Philadelphia flag as is the detail on the back of the collar.


Away - Away kit simply is a sky blue kit with the crest that is just the Union snake.


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New York City FC


Home - A simple kit with the kit across the chest. Trying to take them away from the Man city clone element.


Away - Navy blue with a stylised skyscraper on the front using 5 stripes to represent the five Boroughs of New York. 


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Really like what you have going for the Fire, but I'm not totally sold on the home kit.  I know it wasn't intentional, and maybe it's just me, but the pattern you chose for that uniform looks similar to the "faultline" pattern the Quakes use.  Maybe try something with the six-pointed star in the Chicago flag?  Also, a general rule of thumb for most jerseys (including the current Adidas cycle) is that the back of the uniforms generally don't use sublimation, so I'd try to stay away from that.  Beyond that, I really like what you did with the clash kit.  Keep up the good work!

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Columbus Crew 


Home - Simple kit with the crest stripes across the kit.


Away - Yet again simple kit for the crew


3RD - Was very disappointed with the city kit for the Crew. So i threw up this kit i did at the time to improve. Is it an improvement ?  



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