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NHL Expansion Nevada Roadrunners Logo


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So with The future of NHL Expansion to be announced some time in June,  I thought it'd be nice to get more serious about a team possibly landing in Las Vegas. It's only a matter of time before it happens, that being said I chose the team name Nevada Roadrunners simply because I don't like the way Las Vegas rolls off the tongue and I doubt that the Franchise would name the team after it's history of Gambling. So I thought it would be nice to name them after something evocative of the surrounding Geography, hence Roadrunners (I like the dessert theme) 


In terms of colours I went with colours that would fit a dessert team, which pretty happy with. But I feel like right now the logo looks like a Marlin when I squint my eyes, maybe because of the sun, but I'd really like to keep the sun in the logo somehow, I feel like it offers more depth to the logo and Character, (There are already plenty of other logos with Bird Heads) 


Feedback much appreciated!




Las Vegas RoadRunners.jpg

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Looks like the Thrashers relocated to Florida and borrowed the Flames colors.

However this is a really well done logo, I am impressed. This is definitely on the high end in terms of quality. I think a white outline would help cool down the logo a bit, balance the color scheme, and sharpen the image, but it still works without it. I guess it could sorta look like a marlin, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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