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Fishstick It To Me! - New York Islanders Concept


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Can the Gordon's Fishstick's Era of Logos be saved? Well I started to work with the Fisherman updating the colors (Sea Blue replaces teal and silver leaves altogether) and then applied the color changes to the Lighthouse and decided that'd be a stronger primary (after rotating it to face up and down)


Uniforms soon coming.


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The wordmark is very centered, and points up in a centered fashion, but the lighthouse isn't centered. I realize it's a bigger undertaking than it looks, but centering the lighthouse with respect to the wordmark would go a long way to perfecting this. Balancing the lights out of the lighthouse might help that effect as well, because then they'll be off-centered.


The NY no longer really looks like a hockey stick. You don't have to change the angle, I think we all still get it's a stick, but shorten it a little.


And the wordmark alone looks like it's missing something. I would add "NEW YORK" between the higher I and S in that wordmark. It would square it off a bit more, which seems necessary when it's alone, but not in the bigger logo. It'll make it feel more complete.


Is the "sea blue" in the primary logo the same blue as in the NY? The NY looks lighter. I'd pick one or the other. Multiple blues is a really popular trend (just as teal was when the original set came out), I would wonder if silver or gray wouldn't be a better choice...but maybe that's too trendy, too. Tough choices involved, but I would look for consistency across the look.


Which is a really good look, btw. This is probably the best use of the lighthouse that I've seen, the best use of that 90s imagery that gets so much bad press (undeservedly, imo), and if there's a way to rescue it, it's this with some conservative-ish uniforms. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this.

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So first the tweaks to the logos, straightened up the lighthouse a bit, tweaked some of the lines and then fix the blue on the NY. Honestly that was just a mistake on the eye dropper. Also added NEW YORK to the wordmark. Good call, hockey week.




And for the uniforms, as predicted, fairly conservative using more traditional striping that what was done with the Fishsticks era. 


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On 4/17/2016 at 5:15 PM, BengalPumaOcelot said:

I like it a lot. Did you realize you stole NYFC's color scheme?:P

Not intentionally haha. When I went to replace the teal I was like well what other color looks like water and well there we were

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The primary logos suffers from a circle.  The extra weight at the bottom of the circle just ruins the shape.  


The NY logo is nice, but doesn't fit with the wordmark or the logo.  The "New York", "Islanders" and "NY" are three different fonts.

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