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NHL 2017-18 Redesign


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The NHL will wrap up their NHL100 celebrations next year, but the 2017-18 season will only be the beginning of the Adidas era. With that in mind, I decided to redesign (and design for Vegas) every team in the NHL. Some are ideal looks, some are outrageous looks. I'll post a concept every day, with special events mixed in. I'll start it all off with Anaheim, and will continue in alphabetical order.


Anaheim Ducks
Arizona Coyotes 
Boston Bruins
Buffalo Sabres 
Calgary Flames (UPDATE)
Carolina Hurricanes 
Chicago Blackhawks 
Colorado Avalanche
Columbus Blue Jackets 
Dallas Stars 
Detroit Red Wings
Edmonton Oilers 
Florida Panthers
Los Angeles Kings 
Minnesota Wild 
Montreal Canadiens 
Nashville Predators 
New Jersey Devils
New York Islanders 
New York Rangers 
Ottawa Senators
Philadelphia Flyers 
Pittsburgh Penguins
San Jose Sharks
St. Louis Blues 
Tampa Bay Lightning
Toronto Maple Leafs 
Vancouver Canucks 

Vegas Golden Knights
Washington Capitals 
Winnipeg Jets


NHL Global Series (pt. 1)

NHL Global Series (pt. 2)

NHL All Star




I combined both the Ducks' eras in this concept. I used their modern logos, yokes and colours, but borrowed the diagonal stripes from their Mighty days. The striping is based on their logo, but with orange dominating. As you'll see throughout this series, I'm using the modern Adidas collar, whether it'll be used in reality or not.



C&C Appreciated!

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Thanks, everyone! Even though I normally disprove of them, I thought the shoulders looked too plain without the phantom yokes. I also tried to copy Pittsburgh as for the colour balance, with the black equipment making up for the matching orange-dominant pattern. Anyway, moving on to the...




The Coyotes' inaugural jerseys weren't a particularly bad idea- they were just executed in a 90s eyesore way. They were unique; something their first redesign didn't. That desert red and white set wasn't a bad idea either, but they weren't unique either. Their most recent set, although maligned originally, had the right idea with the addition of black. I wanted to combine all those ideas into a classic and modern style that I employ so much, updating my original NHL redesign Coyotes concept.


I used black yokes, like currently found on the 'Yotes jerseys, on the desert red jersey, with a simplified Kachina pattern underneath. I flipped that arrangement upside-down on the hem. On the white jersey, I removed the black yokes and added desert red cuffs. I swapped the A-paw patch on the home shoulders for the updated AZ patch, like their current jerseys. These aren't as simple as my first go at this look, but I think it works.



C&C Appreciated!



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The Boston Bruins have one of the best looks in the league right now. They are one of the few examples of a Reebok Edge rehaul done right. But with all their history, they could pull off any number of looks and still look mesmerizing. From the 40s to the 60s, the Bruins' look used a ton of gold. I was inspired primarily by their 1957-58 set, which their first Winter Classic uniform was based on to create this golden look.



C&C Appreciated!

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These are all really nice. I love the Arizona concept, it's a great marriage of their inaugural sweaters and the current ones, which, I personally like, however unpopular an opinion it may be. For Anaheim, I'd flip the hem stripes so they go in an upward direction. Other than that, they look great. Boston is nice, too. No complaints there. 

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The Sabres would have a perfect set if they swapped out the grey and brought back royal blue, but this isn't an "ideal" series: I'm just trying things out :P

So, I tried a double doubled chest stripe, which gives a clean, matching look throughout the set. To match the chest, I kept the big spaces in the striping on the socks and on the arms, which is where I put the TV numbers. It's a more modern look, something that I think matches their current logo.



C&C Appreciated!

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Remember when I described some as outrageous? Well, in comes Calgary, with the 'Canes not far behind.




Ever thought the Flames' retro colour scheme was garish? Well, I made it all the worse with loud striping featuring a lot of white. I kept the good parts of their old alternate; the logos and yokes, while eliminating the black. This didn't come out exactly how I'd hoped, but needless to say, I had fun with this one.



C&C Appreciated!

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The Hurricanes had one of the most unique and actually good-looking jerseys since they moved from Hartford... until 2013. They tossed all their uniqueness out the window, and came out with two mismatching Team Canada lookalikes. Once again, I wanted to reinstate that uniqueness by embracing their '90s origin...


...with the Fisherman template! It wasn't a good look for the Isles, with all their history, but I don't think it's a bad look for the 'Canes. I kept the wave, but changed up the pattern to match the logo. I used all black equipment, their current font, old shoulder patches, and lost the Fisherman yoke to simplify the look. The striping matches on both jerseys.



C&C Appreciated!

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The Blackhawks currently have one of the nicest, if not the nicest, uniform sets in the league with their primarily red jerseys. However, their first uniforms were predominantly black. Would they still be able to pull that off?


On the home jersey, I used a white-red-white pattern on the hems, and doubled it on the arms. Consistency is the key for this set, so I matched that pattern on the pants, collar and socks. On the away jersey, the white and black are reversed, but black upper-arms are added. Throughout the set, I used single-colour numbers, something I really enjoyed on their 2015 Winter Classic uniform.



C&C Appreciated!

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