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Tasmania United Concept


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Here is my latest project for the new team planned for Tasmania Australia. 




The shape of the crest mimics the shape of the island of Tasmania. The logo itself is a simple TU initials. I used the gradient to pronounce the difference in letters




Using Dark blue as the main home colours as their are already two Sky Blue teams in the league. The Pattern is the TU of the crest repeated. 



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Clever concept you got going on with the crest shape, very cool idea. Kits look good too!


I feel as if there is a weird relationship between the rounded bottom of the T and straight edges on the bottom of the cropped U. I think maybe you should considering reworking this part of the crest, the U sort of looks like a V since its cropped inside the shield. The thin text used for "Tasmania United" doesn't suit the crest, in my opinion.





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